Zozo the demon terrorizes war vet on Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness
On Paranormal Witness tonight the lights are on and unfortunately something is home!

Tonight on Paranormal Witness a war vet and his brothers look to make a new start in Lawton, Oklahoma – but a demon called Zozo has different ideas.

It all starts with them trying to find a house big enough for everyone and, as luck would have it, an affordable house in a good neighbourhood comes up.

However, when the vet goes to check it out the house looks a bit dilapidated. By chance the current tenant, who is breaking his lease to leave, is sitting outside.

He seems nervous and is trembling, but gives no real reason as to why he is so keen to get out of the house.

The house is spacious and looks ideal, though the current tenant declines to go upstairs when the vet wants a look.

What is weird is that upstairs every light is switched on, even the closet light. The vet thinks it is a bit strange and switches them off. As he heads downstairs the lights start to come back on…

Paranormal Witness Zozo
Zozo is sometimes known as the ouija demon as it often manifests itself when a board is being used

Zozo is a name that crops up quite a lot in paranormal circles as a demon many people report coming into contact with.

Usually this is whilst using a ouija board, pendulum or some other sort of auto writing.

Zozo is said to cause psychological interference, poltergeist type behavior and are to be able to remain on the physical plane for some time.

Watch Paranormal Witness – Zozo tonight at 10/9c on Syfy.

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