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Is Little Women: LA’s Christy taking DRUGS?

Little Women: LA's Christy
Little Women: LA’s Christy pulling some very odd faces on tonight’s episode

On Little Women: LA tonight, there’s concerns about whether Christy is staying sober — or if she’s popping pills or taking some sort of drugs.

Briana raises the issue after questioning whether Christy — who has had problems with alcohol in the past and has been cold turkey for several years — is behind her legal problems.

Briana says: “I don’t know what’s wrong with Christy, is she taking pills?”

Terra adds: “Tonya and I both thought that she was taking drugs.”

Watch the preview clip below as Christy pulls a bizarre string of faces along with some strange grunting noises — and we’ll leave it to you to decide! :-)

Also on tonight’s episode of Little Women: LA, titled Pre-Pop Party, after a bit of calm Matt and Briana hold a party to celebrate the soon-to-happen birth.

Jasmine can’t help but speak out about Matt’s cheating scandal.

But things soon take on a serious note as Matt and Briana have to rush to hospital again after another health scare with Briana looking like she’s ready to pop.

Terra and Toya also talk it out following their various run-ins over the past few episodes, with Terra spilling the beans on secrets that Tonya’s daughter told her which could divide the family.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.