Dual Survival tackles the forest from hell in Brazil

Dual Survival in Brazil
Dual Survival heads to the Araucaria forest. Credit: CC Valerio PIllar

Survivalist Jeff Zausch and army vet EJ Snyder head to South America in a double bill tonight on Dual Survival.

The pair will face all manner of obstacles as they tackle the many challenges Brazil has to offer.

They cross the barren grasslands of the Cerrado with no food or water, giving them a taste of just how hostile this region can be.

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In the second episode they head to the Araucaria forest, which straddles southern Brazil and northeastern Argentina.

This mile-high region might be mainly subtropical and close to the ocean but it sees high snowfall during the winter.

The area is home to several endangered species, including the brown howler monkey and the red-spectacled parrot.

However, EJ and Jeff are more concerned about the deadly pit vipers and the unruly wild boar they have to deal with.

Also check out this great little clip on special forces navigation techniques.

Special Forces Navigation Tips

Watch Dual Survival at 8pm  and 9pm on Discovery.

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