Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood on the horrors of Into the Forest

As Evan Rachel Wood readily admits, her new film with Ellen Page, Into the Forest, contains “so many gruesome, horrible things”. But she adds: “There’s such a beauty to all of it at the same time.” Which, as we all know, is much like life — as Rachel Wood rightly points out. The pair’s new dystopian horror movie is

In ‘Presenting Princess Shaw’ a YouTube star is born

Presenting Princess Shaw, a stirring new documentary from Israel, is a modern digital fairytale about how the interconnected world of the internet can transform the lives of obscure but talented amateurs into international sensations when their videos suddenly go viral. The film, a Participant Media release, has just opened in select theaters. Magnolia Pictures is

Interview: Jason Priestley and Cindy Sampson talk Private Eyes

Jason Priestley returned home from Hollywood to Canada and made the multi-award winning comedy Call Me Fitz. He says he had so much fun making it, he stayed, and this season, Priestly launches two new series, a brainy family sitcom Raising Expectations and the detective comedy drama Private Eyes which he also executive produces. He

Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

It was obvious something was up with the release of the first teasers of this splashy tale. Yes, Linda Woolverton’s screenplay has nothing to do with Lewis Carroll’s 1871 “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There” except about half of the characters. That is not to say it is not a good story, but

Suzanne Clement on playing an Auschwitz survivor in À La Vie (To Life)

Suzanne Clement stars with Julie Depardieu and Johanna ter Steege in À La Vie — the story of three Nazi concentration camp prisoners who reunite fifteen years after the war for a beach vacation in France. They’ve lived separate, ordinary lives, but always mindful of the dark clouds of the past. Their plan is to

The Finest Hours Blu-ray review

Based on the true story, The Finest Hours features a talented ensemble cast and enough suspense to keep you hooked on the incredible story of survival. The film features a multi-layered plot to give the audience a rich story to enjoy rather than just another sinking ship drama. Based on The Finest Hours: The True

Nothing’s Tired of Tomorrow: Review

The young Philadelphia members that make up the philosophical shoegaze outfit Nothing have just released a second album titled Tired of Tomorrow. It has some of the best and most powerful album artwork I have seen in quite a long time, and in celebration of the new release, Relapse Records is having a contest that invites

High Water announces debut album Crush and shares Lucinda Williams cover

High Water serves as the nom de plume of multi-instrumentalist Will Epstein, who garnered much praise on his The Beautiful Moon 12’ and his stunning solo performances on several tours with his longtime friends Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington as Darkside. Now with his forthcoming record Crush, and its lead single shared yesterday Changed the

Adult Swim reveals artists for 2016 Singles Series

Adult Swim has unveiled the artists for their Summer Singles Series, it will include free songs from Run The Jewels, Against Me, Vince Staples and many others. Adult Swim, which serves as our nightly source for late-night adult comedy via cartoons and live action on Cartoon Network, has made a name for itself also as