Watch this 360 degree music video for Mind Enterprises’ Chapita – using CLONES

A still from the new 360 degree
A still from the new 360 degree video for Mind Enterprises’ Chapita, using dancers who are clones

This is one of the most innovative examples of 360 degree movie making to date — in the new music video for the song Chapita by Mind Enterprises.

All is not as it seems as the video takes place in a huge warehouse, with what appears to be a constant stream of different women arriving to surround the camera.

They perform a remarkable display in unison, along to the beat of the track, and appear to be in perfect synchronisation.

However, the women are actually CLONES made using a technique involving cinemagraphs by production company Nexus Productions.

Mind Enterprises, the musical project of 27-year-old Italian Andrea Tirone, hired them to create the video for the second track of new album Idealist.

Watch the video below, and use your mouse to scroll around the room.

You can also watch a making of below.

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