Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood on the horrors of Into the Forest

in Into the Forest
Evan Rachel Wood as Eva and Ellen Page as Nell in Into the Forest

As Evan Rachel Wood readily admits, her new film with Ellen Page, Into the Forest, contains “so many gruesome, horrible things”.

But she adds: “There’s such a beauty to all of it at the same time.”

Which, as we all know, is much like life — as Rachel Wood rightly points out.

The pair’s new dystopian horror movie is one of the most captivating and inspiring films you will see this year — and it’s not just the storyline that is of interest, but what lies below the surface.

The movie takes place in the near future as the pair’s characters Eva (Rachel Wood) and Nell (Page) suddenly find the world around plunged to the edge of an apocalypse.

Directed by Patricia Rozema, it is released on June 3 in Canada and July 22 in the USA.

Watch the interview below as the pair discuss the movie’s various horrors, and the strength we sometimes find even in the darkest of situations.


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