Odonis Odonis announce new album Post Plague along with single ‘Needs’

Famed Toronto underground band Odonis Odonis have announced a new album titled, Post Plague that will be released through Felt Records on June 17th. Along with this exciting news the band has also given us a little gift in the form of a new single that will hopefully highlight what to expect for the new album. ‘Needs’ is

Emma Thompson casts light on child sexual slavery with Sold

Emma Thompson, an outspoken advocate for women and children’s rights is focusing on the international human trafficking crisis. As part of her campaign to end the practice of selling women and children into sexual slavery, Thompson executive produced Sold, a heartbreaking but ultimately hopeful feature film. It is based on the true story of Lakshmi

MUTEK Montréal full 2016 lineup

MUTEK Montréal have revealed the second wave of artists on their 2016 lineup, this is not a festival you want to miss! The multifarious Montréal festival returns for its 17th edition this Summer (June 1st – 5th) and it has, possibly, its best lineup. The second wave of artists includes forward thinking electronic artists like


Recap: The Mother/Daughter Experiment “black out” edition

Last week, “The Mother/Daughter Experiment” on Lifetime ended with Natalie Nunn in a tizzy because Courtney said she thought she heard somebody saying her name in another room. She screams and yells at a bunch of people who weren’t talking about her, and then acts like a bitch to her mother instead of recording their


The People v O.J. Simpson Episode 9: In-depth discussion

This week on The People v O.J. Simpson saw a turning point for Judge Ito with regards to the Mark Fuhrman tapes — a collection of recordings between Fuhrman and a would-be Hollywood screenwriter that’s beyond racist. The gleeful defense believes the recordings are the nail in the prosecution’s coffin while Ito strikes down most

Yeasayer share new single Gerson’s Whistle

Whenever I talk to someone who hasn’t been lucky enough to see Yeasayer, I tell them: It’s the best dance party you will ever go to. You are 100 per cent guaranteed to have a good time, because they just make good, fun music. The band are preparing their newest album, ahead of its release on Friday (April 1) via

Vikings Season 4, Episode 6 What might have been: Recap and discussion

There’s a whole lot of karma and regret in “What Might Have Been.” In a nutshell, Yidu (Dianne Doan) has a way better haircut this week and has Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) hooked on Opium or something of that ilk. First wives’ club member Lagertha (Kathryn Winnick) is eventually reunited with a remorseful and melancholic Ragnar, whose


Review: The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition

I expected the new Lifetime show The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition”to be lame. Honestly, who doesn’t have some issues with their mother? All mothers and daughters argue and fight, and sometimes there are deeper issues involved. But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was going to be so interesting about watching

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Despite it balls-out, larger-than-life, brain-burning action hero delirium, DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has some moments of stunning beauty that are worth the eye strain and numb bum. It’s a concept that has a real stickiness; Batman sets out to end Superman. Seems Superman (Cavill) was present when a calamity in the desert

Eye in the Sky review

Helen Mirren stars in director Gavin Hood’s examination of the people who fight wars and the toll the fight takes on them. Appearing to be a war thriller featuring high tech drone aircraft, Guy Hibbert’s screenplay is actually a surgically accurate examination of the toll this new brand of warfare takes on its soldiers. The