Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (review)

All the gadgetry and double the action fall short. But the pure charm of the movie saves the day. OK, you have to like Tom Cruise. That is the first requirement for seeing Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Also, it helps if you have at least a tiny bit of nostalgia for the original “Mission:

Best of Enemies (review)

Television stops imitating life and becomes it in the first reality show of all time. On the surface, Robert Gordon’s and Morgan Neville’s documentary is about a series of nationally televised debates in 1968 between the liberal Gore Vidal and the conservative William F. Buckley Jr. As it turns out, there is a lot more

Phoenix (review)

A thoroughly entertaining movie that probes our most painful history and provides a scalpel of a plot. Director Christian Petzold re-unites with leads Nina Hoss and Ronald Zehrfeld in this multiple award winning mystery neo-noir. The Petzold and Hoss enjoyed multiple awards for their previous efforts in “Wolfsburg,” “Toter Mann,” “Yella” and “Barbara” and this

Ten Must See Acts of KAABOO Music Festival 2015

This September, Southern California will get another exciting music festival for the voracious Californian music fans seeking another outing that doesn’t involve going out of state. KAABOO Music Festival will take place Sept. 18th-20th at the Del Mar Racetrack and Fairgrounds. The inaugural fest, which have music, comedy acts,art shows and star chefs cooking up

Destructo Announces Pineapple Express Tour

HARD SUMMER frontman, Destructo, is back at it again, with more pineapple action. Referencing his appearance as the spiky fruit back in the wildly popular 2014 Hard Summer Official Trailer, Destructo will be headlining what he has named the Pineapple Express Tour. The tour will hit major cities like Toronto and Pheonix, and will end

SEØUEL – Reykjavik EP (Review)

SEØUEL calls his music “electronic darkness,” and cites the infant Christ as one of his major influences. Intrigued? I was too. A highly ambiguous character, the world loves those, right? SEØUEL has come rising out of the nefarious underground music scene of Edinburgh and London to drop musical bombs on us all. Debuting last August

Ex Machina Blu-ray Review

Visually stunning, Ex Machina is a slick sci-fi film that hooks the audience with a slow-burning plot that is fueled by powerful performances. Written and directed by Alex Garland, the film features Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, Sonoya Mizuno and an incredible Oscar Isaac. Garland makes his directing debut with this film after serving as screenplay

Swahili Blonde “Deities In Decline” EP (Review)

When I first heard about Swahili Blonde I thought to myself, “oh great another LA band who is trying to do something experimental.” Not surprisingly, I judged too quickly and came to discover something that was much greater than I had ever anticipated, with a lineup of musicians that could never make bad music when


Ten Must-See Acts At 2015 Treasure Island Music Festival

Festival season is a time that people live for, worship, and work endless amounts of hours throughout the year in order to be able to afford it. Treasure Island is the San Francisco based festival located on the eponymous island in the bay that has the honor of closing out the season for us. It


Heart of Storm (Review)

Arriving at the historic Orpheum theater in Downtown LA on a breezy Wednesday, I’m escorted through the back and across the stage to meet with the band behind Heart of Storm, a new experimental show that pairs top-notch rock musicians with a talented Russian ballet troupe. I’m a little skeptical at first, but it becomes