PiL Debut New Single “Double Trouble”

PiL is set to release a single off it’s new record What the World Needs Now on August 21st titled “Double Trouble” on 10” vinyl. The legendary post-punk group centered around John Lydon, former Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten, is giving the listening public a taste off their new record that is set to come out

Interview: Big Game Director Jalmari Helander and star Onni Tommila

The Finnish film Big Game is based on an outrageous idea that started as a joke between filmmakers. The US president’s plane crashes in the Finnish woods enroute to a conference. He is alone and finds himself in the midst of a far reaching conspiracy with only a young boy to help. Samuel L. Jackson


What We Are Listening To On Independence Day

National pride, like any personal relationship, is an equipoise of like and dislike, using the words “like” or “dislike” to suffice for the extremes of the two is staid, but logical. We can yammer about what we enjoy or detest about the United States of America till the cows come home. Be you an intransigent

Review: Refused ‘Freedom’

Refused are a hardcore punk band from Umea, Sweden that started in 1991 originally. They played for the better part of the 90s before splitting up in 1998 after releasing their magnum opus, “The Shape of Punk to Come”. Their new album certainly echoes the sound of that era. They could easily have fit on


Make Time for Masked Rockers PPL MVR

This has probably been my greatest and most cringeworthy find of this entire year. Outside of Fartbarf. The one and only PPL MVR are three dudes dressed up in primitive Chewbacca-esque outfits, playing hard rock and constantly tweaking with autotune. They came out of nowhere from a planet far far away and are making people


Review: LEX at the Los Angeles Theatre Center

Last night (July 1, 2015), the LA based electronic act LEX put on an incredible showcase at the Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC). A fully realized performance, it included a thematic arc with lights, costumes and super tight musicianship. Rather than just running through songs at random, the set-list was impeccably designed to draw you


Terminator Genisys (review)

Arnie is back with his tongue in his cheek and a toolbox of special effects. Ignore the time travel science-babble and concentrate on the feeling of a nuclear holocaust that seethes into your theatre and plants flying buses in your lap. 3-D IMAX is the only way to see the latest in the Terminator franchise,