Will New Kids on the Block appear on Blue Bloods final season? Here’s what Donnie Wahlberg says

Donnie Wahlberg on Blue Bloods Season 13
Two worlds could be colliding for Donnie soon. Pic credit: CBS

Donnie Wahlberg has a Blue Bloods bucket list full of things he wants to happen before the show ends.

One of those things is for Blue Bloods to continue past Season 14 – which CBS deemed the last for the hit cop drama.

Blue Bloods fans agree with Donnie, and a Save Blue Bloods campaign has been going strong since the Season 14 premiere.

In fact, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, Donnie gave a shoutout to Blockheads for helping to keep #SaveBlueBloods trending each Friday night.

The other thing on Donnie’s Blue Bloods bucket list is to have his music and acting worlds collide.

That’s right. Donnie wants New Kids on the Block on the show and has a storyline in mind for one of his bandmates.

Here’s what Donnie Wahlberg said about New Kids on the Block appearing on Blue Bloods

This week, Donnie and his fellow New Kids on the Block band members stopped by Andy Cohen Live on SiriusXM to chat with Andy Cohen. The ending of Blue Bloods was brought up immediately.

After Donnie teased that Blue Bloods may not end or rather that it would live on differently after Season 14, Andy asked if any of the other New Kids on the Block guys had been on the show Blue Bloods.

Jordan Knight appeared in an uncredited role in 2011, but that only made Andy push to find out why there hasn’t been any kind of crossover.

“Listen, I’ve been trying. It’s a no brainer for Joey [McIntyre] to do it, and I’m sure he’d be willing if there was a good part, but it just hasn’t been the right thing,” Donnie responded.

While the actor would happily have any of his New Kids on the Block brothers on the show, Donnie really wants Joey on the show for one good reason.

Donnie Wahlberg’s Blue Bloods’ bucket list’ is all about Joey McIntyre

It turns out that last year, an executive producer on Blue Bloods asked Donnie about his bucket list for the show.

“Get freaking Joey on the show because you told me you were gonna get him on the show a decade ago and we’re still waiting.’ So we’ll see. It’s a bucket list for me on the show for sure,” Donnie spilled to Andy and the guys.

Joey’s all-in but requests that Donnie shove his face up against a car or window at some point. Donnie thinks it would be great if Joey came in as a love interest for Danny’s partner Baez (Marisa Ramirez) and brings out the jealous side in Danny.

We have to say the last part sounds like a pretty good idea to us. Then again we think Danny and Baez are endgame.

Donnie Wahlberg wants all his New Kids on the Block bandmates to appear on Blue Bloods, but if not all of them, then at the very least, Joey McIntyre.

Stay tuned to see if Donnie can cross this off his Blue Bloods bucket list.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10/9c. Seasons 1-14 are streaming on Peacock.

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