Donnie Wahlberg thanks New Kids on the Block fans after Save Blue Bloods campaign continues to trend

Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods
Blue Bloods fans and Blockheads are working hard to save the show. Pic credit: CBS

Donnie Wahlberg has given a shoutout to New Kids on the Block fans after Save Blue Bloods trended again for the third straight week last night.

Season 14 of Blue Bloods is slated to be the final season of the hit cop drama.

However, as the season premiered, Donnie and his wife Jenny McCarthy got the ball rolling on a Save Blue Bloods campaign that has really taken off.

Last week, before the second episode, Donnie took to Instagram to thank Blockheads for helping get #SaveBlueBloods trending on X (formerly Twitter).

Donnie wasn’t the only one featured in the video as Bridget Moynahan (Erin), Marisa Ramirez (Baez), and Tom Selleck (Frank) also gave a shoutout to the New Kids on the Block fan base.

Several production crew members also go in on the thank you, but Donnie really gushed over all of his fans.

Donnie Wahlberg thanks New Kids on the Block fans after Save Blue Bloods campaign continues to trend

“From my Blue Bloods TV family to my Blockhead Family — Thank you so much! For fourteen years you Blockheads have made our TV show part of your Friday nights, and for fourteen years you’ve tweeted it, trended it and made your love for Blue Bloods known all over the world. Without fail, you have united to make our show a trending topic every single Friday, of every single season, across every social media platform,” Donnie wrote as part of a lengthy caption.

In the video Donnie lets his cast and crew know Blockheads are getting #SaveBlueBloods trending on X every Friday night since Season 14 began. That’s when various clips of people saying thank you rolled out.

Donnie rounded out his caption with even more thanks to Blue Bloods fans and Blockheads for keeping #SaveBlueBloods going strong and trending. Well, that’s exactly what they did again this week for the third straight week.

#SaveBlueBloods continues to trend each Friday night

The most recent episode of Blue Bloods featured a tribute to Treat Williams and it only got fans of the show more fired up to save it. X was on fire, with #SaveBlueBloods going strong all night long.

“#SaveBlueBloods 💙❤️ has been hanging out at #7 most of the night, which I think means #BlueBloods needs those 7 more episodes to hit 300!! #CancelTheCancel @DonnieWahlberg,” read an X with a snapshot of the trend.

Another revealed a huge billboard in Times Square that went up to save the hit CBS show.

A different one shared a picture of Donnie with names and addresses of who Blue Bloods fans should be writing to help keep the show on the air.

There’s also a petition for fans to sign and you can do so right here.

Donnie Wahlberg isn’t giving up on trying to save Blue Bloods, and his New Kids on the Block fans are showing up to support him and the show.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS. Seasons 1-14 are streaming on Paramount+.

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1 month ago

I love Blue Blood and I can’t imagine Friday night without it.Please keep the show going !!

Frank Marchica
Frank Marchica
1 month ago

When I heard that Blue Bloods was going to be canceled, my heart dropped. How can you possibility think of canceling probably the best and finest show on TV. The actors are the best, so realistic to real life, a great family iriented show. It should not be taken off the air by NO MEANS. It is absolute must to keep airing Blue Bloods. Maybe there should be a form that should be available on line the the TV viewers could vote on to keep the show going.

1 month ago

Blue Blòods the only family values show left on TV. One all age groups can have a relationship with. Still keep you appraised of the current affairs. Please find. away to keep it going.