Why did Jennifer Esposito leave Blue Bloods?

Jennifer Esposito and Donnie Wahlberg on Blue Bloods Season 13
Jennifer has quite the history with CBS and Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Why did Jennifer Esposito leave Blue Bloods? That’s the question Blue Bloods fans are asking as Jennifer Esposito reprises her role as Jackie Curatola on Season 14 of the hit CBS show.

The actress helped launch Blue Bloods in 2010 when Jackie was Danny’s (Donnie Wahlberg) partner.

Danny and Jackie had great chemistry, but her character was written out during Season 3 of the cop drama.

Season 13 of Blue Bloods brought Jackie back with fans learning she was chief in a small town.

Now, as Jackie makes another return, questions surrounding why Jennifer suddenly exited the series have been running rampant.

Let’s take a look at what we know about it.

Why did Jennifer Esposito leave Blue Bloods?

It was a pretty big deal when Jennifer was written out at Blue Bloods, which resulted in her lashing out at CBS.

The network released a statement via Deadline saying her exit was due to Jennifer needing to work a more limited schedule, which CBS declared made her “unable to perform the demands of the role.”

However, Jennifer fought back, opening up about her battle with Celiac Disease. Jennifer called out CBS for not listening to her doctor, resulting in her collapsing on set.

According to TVLine, she blasted the network for preventing her from working and accused CBS and CBS Studios of having “shameful behavior.”

Jennifer has since launched the Jennifer’s Way Foundation for Celiac Education to shed more light on the debilitating.

Despite her fight with CBS, Jennifer went on to star on NCIS Season 14 as Alexandra Quinn in 2016, years before she made her Blue Bloods return.

Is Jennifer Esposito back on Blue Bloods for good?

Blue Bloods fans would love to see Jennifer and Jackie back for the remainder of the show’s run. However, at this time, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Jackie pops back on Blue Bloods to finish what she, Danny, and Baez (Marisa Maguire Ramirez) started last season – to find and capture serial killer Dr. Leonard Walker (Mather Zickel).

The episode is all part of a Blue Bloods attempt to tie up loose ends as the final season airs. However, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, Donnie and his wife Jenny McCarthy have helped launch the #SaveBlueBloods campaign to keep the show going.

Jennifer Esposito and her drama with CBS seems to be in the rearview mirror for now, but it was still a very big deal.

Are you happy to have Jackie back on the hit cop drama?

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS. Seasons 1-14 are streaming on Paramount+.

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Alvin Leonard
Alvin Leonard
1 month ago

Yes it was great to see her back in the storyline.