Why is Caillou canceled? Twitter rejoices as controversial kids show ends

Caillou crying on the show
Whining cartoon character Caillou inspired a lot of hate in many parents. Pic credit: PBS Kids/ YouTube

After more than two decades on the air, PBS Kids has announced that it will be canceling the cartoon Caillou.

Caillou was a Canadian educational cartoon that followed the adventures of the four-year-old Caillou and his family.

Caillou was incredibly inquisitive about the world around him, but according to many parents, he was also hugely annoying and a total brat.

The show began in 1997 and ran for just five seasons up to 2005, but America’s children have been constantly subjected to repeats and reruns ever since.

But now PBS Kids has said enough is enough.

On Tuesday, PBS Kids tweeted the news that they will no longer be airing the show. Cue much rejoicing from many parents.

PBS tweeted: “We’re saying farewell to @cailloudhx, but remember when we say goodbye to something…”

Before long, the hashtag #CaillouIsOverParty began trending on Twitter as parents took to social media to celebrate the cartoon’s demise.

Parents rejoiced when Caillou was canceled

One fan piped up to say, “I think I speak for all of us when I say, ‘good riddance.'”

Fan says 'good riddance' to Caillou
Pic credit: @Firebyte27/Twitter

Another wrote somewhat more forcefully: “ENJOY YOUR DEATH YOU BALD-HEADED SPAWN OF SATAN,” before following up with “WORST CARTOON EVER.” Even if they were writing with tongue firmly in cheek, this tweet was an indication of some of the angry vitriol aimed at the young Canadian cartoon character.

Twitter fan calls Caillou the Spawn of Satan
Pic credit: @SweetestLeaflet/Twitter

Another Twitter user said Caillou’s cancelation was “about time” and demanded to know why he wore “the same thing every day.” They also called him “mad annoying and ungrateful.”

Twitter fan calls Caillou "mad annoying"
Pic credit: @pegasus121401/Twitter

Another Twitter user indicated why the show was so hated by parents and perhaps why it was canceled, writing: “Bye bye, have fun! I’ll just be over here celebrating that they finally canceled a show that taught kids how to be bratty!”

Twitter fan calls Caillou bratty
Pic credit: @UnderlingLinda/Twitter

Why did PBS Kids cancel Caillou?

PBS Kids have not given a specific reason as to why the show was canceled. However, the volume of people celebrating the show’s end is perhaps an indication of just how unpopular it had become.

In its tweet announcing the cancelation and the follow-up tweet, PBS implied that they were making room for some new shows. “When we say goodbye to something…,” they wrote before adding, “…It just means we get to say hello to something new!”

The show is 20 years old and maybe somewhat dated. Perhaps it was just due for retirement.

There were some folks lamenting the end of Caillou, though.

One fan wrote: “I’ll never understand the Caillou haters. It’s a lovely show, with relevant stories, and I’m grateful for the legacy it leaves.”

A lone fan of Caillou's on Twitter
Pic credit: @CreativeJuice21/Twitter

PBS Kids shows have been available to stream on Amazon Prime for many years, but it remains unclear whether Caillou will be available to stream on any platform.

Last year Caillou was one of a number of children’s cartoons that were the subject of a particularly dark joke that revealed sick and disturbing answers when innocent questions about cartoon characters were googled. In the case of Caillou, it was implied he was bald due to undergoing therapy for cancer.

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