Why is Caillou canceled? Twitter rejoices as controversial kids show ends

After more than two decades on the air, PBS Kids has announced that it will be canceling the cartoon Caillou. Caillou was a Canadian educational cartoon that followed the adventures of the four-year-old Caillou and his family. Caillou was incredibly inquisitive about the world around him, but according to many parents, he was also hugely


Sex Trafficking in America: FRONTLINE takes us into the fight with Phoenix task force

The upcoming episode of FRONTLINE’s Sex Trafficking in America tells the modern-day horror stories of young women coerced into prostitution – and follows one special police task force that’s committed to rooting it out. This eye-opening documentary airs on PBS (and can be streamed online) and it examines an enormous problem within the United States,


Charm City on Independent Lens PBS: Ride with Officer Monique Brown in exclusive preview

Tonight, PBS’s Independent Lens premieres the documentary Charm City which profiles the police, citizens, community leaders and city officials who are collaborating to end Baltimore’s rising tide of gun violence. The broadcast airs four years after the death of Freddie Gray on April 19, 2015. In our exclusive clip, we see and hear officer Monique


Game of Thrones or Les Misérables – Which one should you watch?

Tonight, one great television series ends and one begins, but which one should you watch? The answer is both! If you are vested in HBO’s sumptuous Game of Thrones, by all means, watch in real time tonight as the resolution of the great good versus evil culminates in a deadly all-or-nothing face-off between the armies