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From Caillou having no hair to Max never talking: TikTok star Hannah Ricotta highlights dark answers to innocent questions on Google

Title shot for Phineas and Ferb
Did Phineas actually die? Was he a figment of sister Candace’s imagination? This and other sick kids show theories are coming up in Google search. Pic credit: Disney XD/ YouTube

Do you want to have your childhood ruined? Well, TikTok star Hannah Ricotta has been doing her best to highlight the worst and darkest fan theories from some of your favorite childhood cartoons.

It turns out that if you google a selection of key questions involving characters from some classic kids TV shows such as Phineas and Ferb, Max and Ruby, Caillou, Finding Nemo, and live-action Victorious, Google will reveal some very disturbing fan theories.

Folks realized that by typing questions such as ‘Why did Max never talk in Max and Ruby?’ and ‘Why is Cat so crazy in Victorious?’ then Google revealed some hopefully very wrong, but also kind of funny, answers.

 Ricotta has highlighted a number of them by videoing her reaction to some of these questions. This has started a craze of other TikTok users discovering more darkly disturbing answers to their innocent questions about kids’ TV shows and filming their horrified reactions.

We at Monsters and Critics have made a list of some of the most insane answers, right here.

Why does Caillou have no hair?

Caillou was a delightful French Canadian kid who loved to use his imagination and get into all sorts of adventures with his family and friends, right? But why does Caillou have no hair?

Type that question into Google, and the first result suggested your childhood hero was bald because he suffered from cancer or progeria. The author of one offensive passage then wrote that Caillou s**ks and doesn’t deserve hair, love, or even food. Ouch! So cruel.

Google result for why Caillou has no hair
Pic credit: Google

Did Ferb die in Phineas and Ferb?

The next question with a twisted answer concerns Phineas and Ferb, a delightful show following the madcap projects of two buddies, the aforementioned Phineas and Ferb.

While sister Candace always did her best to unveil their scheme to disapproving parents, their pet Perry the Platypus often saved the day.

However, type ‘did Ferb die in Phineas and Ferb?’ and you get a twisted tale which states that it’s actually Phineas who died. The top search result argues that Phineas was bullied at school to such an extreme that he was actually killed!

The theory then postulates that his sister, Candace, invented an imaginary world where he still exists so she could avoid dealing with the pain of his death.

Google result for did Ferb in Phineas and Ferb die
Pic credit: Google

Why did Max never talk in Max and Ruby?

The horror continues with Max and Ruby, a wholesome show about two brother and sister rabbits called Max and Ruby. The 7-year-old Ruby always looks after her 3-year-old brother Max, who never says more than a few words.

Until recently, if you asked Google ‘Why did Max never talk in Max and Ruby?’, the answer revealed that the toddler rabbit never spoke because he was traumatized by the death of his parents. It even suggested that Max might have been the murderer!

There’s more. Another theory suggested that Max might have been a victim of child abuse with his grandmother as the perpetrator!

Why is Cat so crazy in Victorious?

Ariana Grande shot to fame in Victorious as the ditzy, bubbly, and kinda crazy Cat Valentine. But if you googled ‘Why is Cat so crazy in Victorious?’ the top result suggests that Cat was so crazy because she’d been the victim of abuse at the hands of her brother and was heavily doped up on anti-depressants.

Google result for why was Cat so crazy in Victorious
Pic credit: Google

What is the real story behind Finding Nemo?

Not even Finding Nemo was sacred! Some sicko actually suggested that Nemo never existed, how dare they? They claimed that the tale is about a “psychologically damaged clownfish,” who is just trying to get over the death of his whole family.

A theory on Finding Nemo
Pic credit: Google

Why were cornflakes invented?

Earlier this month, everyone was googling ‘why were cornflakes invented?’ because the top answer stated that they were invented and marketed as a “healthy, ready-to-eat, anti-masturbatory morning meal.” Supposedly, the inventor created them as a means to suppress sexual desire.

Result for why were cornflakes invented
Pic credit: Google

That’s it, folks.

And you’ll be delighted to know (some of you might, admittedly, be disappointed) that none of these theories are accurate.

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