Who won Survivor: Island of the Idols? Sole survivor revealed

S39 Final Five
Janet Carbin, Dean Kowalski, Lauren Beck, Tommy Sheehan, and Noura Salman on Survivor 39 finale. Pic credit: CBS

CBS viewers just learned who won Survivor: Island of the Idols and finale night was about as unpredictable as the rest of the season has been. It was certainly an interesting way for the season to wrap up.

After Elaine Stott and Dan Spilo’s elimination during the last episode, only Lauren Beck, Janet Carbin, Dean Kowalski, Noura Salman, and Tommy Sheehan were left to compete for the money.

Who won Survivor: Island of the Idols?

First, Janet Carbin was eliminated. Then, Lauren Beck was sent to the Island of the Idols jury. That left Dean Kowalski, Noura Salman, and Tommy Sheehan as the final three.

It was a shocking result, as Noura won the final Immunity Challenge and picked Tommy to go with her. Dean then won a Fire Challenge over Lauren.

The final three got to sell themselves to the jury, with Dean, Tommy, and Naura all trying to convince them to send a vote their way. It was a long jury segment this year, bleeding way into the third hour of the show.

Host Jeff Probst started revealing the votes, and it immediately became clear who was about to win the fall 2019 season.

Tommy Sheehan is your Survivor Season 39 winner. It looks like the rumors leading into the final night of the show were indeed correct about Tommy easily winning the show.

That’s it for the fall 2019 season of the show. Next up, Season 40 gets started in February, with CBS already dropping the return date. It’s going to be an interesting season, as the cast only includes former winners.

We have a list of the Season 40 cast members for any readers who want to dive into it early. With 20 former winners returning, including Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine, it has the feeling of an All-Stars season.

Survivor returns with new episodes on CBS in February 2020.

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