Who wins HOH tonight on Big Brother revealed on live feeds

Analyse And Bella On BB21
Analyse Talavera and Isabella Wang hanging out on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The new Big Brother HOH will be revealed tonight on the live feeds. Producers of the show have added an advertisement to the site, stating that fans will be able to watch it take place live.

The banner reads, “Big Brother Spoiler Alert! Watch the HoH Comp Tonight on the Live Feeds.”

This is a big deal, as it will be the first BB21 competition that has been shown online for the viewers. This is also a heavy hint that it is going to be an Endurance Challenge.

How can fans watch July 25 HOH Competition?

By accessing the CBS All Access application shortly after the July 25 episode has aired on the East Coast, subscribers should be able to watch the competition.

The next Head of Household Competition should be an exciting one, especially with the new dynamic in the house. It could get even more interesting if somehow the vote is flipped for the next Eviction Ceremony.

Big Brother Season 21 recap

During the last episode of the show, Jackson Michie was shown winning the Power of Veto. He saved himself from the block and HOH Cliff Hogg then named Isabella Wang as the replacement nominee. The two nominees are now Bella and Jack Matthews as the Thursday night Eviction Ceremony approaches.

That’s not all that has happened in the house, as one of the showmances just declared themselves to be boyfriend and girlfriend on the live feeds. That moment took place late Wednesday evening, with a lot of squealing seen by subscribers who were watching at the time.

Amid everything else, there are still questions from fans about one of the houseguests possibly violating the Have-Not rules. Will it be addressed during Big Brother Season 21, Episode 14 on July 25? Or will producers just gloss over it?

Big Brother airs CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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