Who plays Pete Cannizaro on NCIS cast? Wu Assassins actor Lawrence Kao was also on spin-offs

Wu Assassins Kao
Lawrence Kao made a name for himself on the Wu Assassins cast. Pic credit: Netflix

Lawrence Kao joins the NCIS cast as Pete Cannizaro for an all-new episode of the show. But Kao is no stranger to the world of NCIS, as he has also appeared on NCIS: Los Angels and NCIS: New Orleans during past seasons.

Kao joins the NCIS cast for an episode called Winter Chill. It serves as NCIS Season 18, Episode 9, with the early promo hinting at a tragedy befalling Tobias Fornell. Yes, that also means actor Joe Spano is guest-starring in the new episode.

This new episode of NCIS is the first one after the exit of Jack Sloane. Actress Maria Bello played the character for nearly four full seasons, but Sloane reached the end of her story arc during a mission with Gibbs in Afghanistan. Now, the NCIS team is going to struggle to move on without her.

There is a lot of mystery about what will take place during this new episode of the show, but what we do know is that Lawrence Kao will be a big part of Winter Chill.

Who plays Pete Cannizaro on NCIS cast?

Actor Lawrence Kao will guest star as Pete Cannizaro on the NCIS cast. He may now be best-known for starring as Tommy Wah on the Netflix show, Wu Assassins. Other roles he has had include two episodes on The Purge, an appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Van on The Originals.

Kao also appeared as Tim in three 2012 episodes of The Walking Dead and as Hiro Matsushita on three episodes of LaLaLand in 2013.

The California-native graduated from UC Irvine with a bachelor of the arts degree in theater and even competed on America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV as a member of Kaba Modern.

More NCIS credits for Lawrence Kao

Kao also has some very interesting roles on his acting sheet that stem from the world of NCIS. He has appeared on the NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles spin-offs but has played a different character each time.

In 2014, Kao played John Stikler on an NCIS: LA episode called One More Chance. Then, in 2017, Kao appeared on an episode of NCIS: New Orleans. That episode was called Return of the King and he played the character named Damon Yang.

Now, we get to see Kao join the parent show, with the distinct possibility that we could end up seeing him as a guest star on a future episode of NCIS: Hawaii as well.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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