Maria Bello left a note for NCIS fans about character Jack Sloane

Maria Bello Insta
Maria Bello was a great addition to the NCIS cast. Pic credit: @officialmariabello/Instagram
Maria Bello Insta

NCIS cast member Mario Bello has filmed her final scenes for the show. The book has officially been closed on the character of Jack Sloane.

CBS viewers tuning in for the episode called True Believer likely already knew that it was coming, as this was one of the worst kept secrets on television.

Bello joined the NCIS cast in Season 15 and was supposed to end her time on the show during Season 17. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic forced production to be canceled for some of those episodes.

Bello agreed to return to the show for eight episodes in Season 18 giving the writers time to re-write how things might progress. It also allowed Bello to end her character arc in the way that she wanted without Sloane simply vanishing during the summer months.

Maria Bello shares a message to NCIS fans

On her final day of filming, Bello shared a lengthy message to her Instagram account where she thanked the fans and signed off for her character, NCIS Special Agent Jaqueline “Jack” Sloane. Along with the message, she was shown embracing show star Mark Harmon (he plays Gibbs) as the pair said goodbye.

“And that’s a wrap for Jack Sloane @ncis_cbs !!!” Bello started her Instagram note. “I’ve learned many things on this journey for the last three and a half years. I learned about commitment and community. I’ve learned that the woman I am enjoys process over product. I’ve never worked with a kinder, more generous group of people.”

Later in the post, Bello wrote, “Only a profoundly decent group of people who care more about each other and the world in general than what is in it for them. I understand why this show after 18 years is the most watched in the world – you must all feel our love. Keep watching. I have a feeling there will be many more years to come. Thank you to all of my pals at NCIS and to all of our fans. I am truly grateful.”

Why is Sloane leaving NCIS?

The answer to why Jack Sloane is leaving NCIS gets answered in the episode titled True Believer. As for Maria Bello, the plan all along was for this character to only be a short-term addition to the NCIS cast. There are also no immediate plans to replace the character on the show, but that could change if CBS orders up Season 19 for fall 2021.

More NCIS news

In addition to the sad news of Maria Bello leaving NCIS, CBS has also canceled NCIS: New Orleans. The Sunday night spin-off will air its series finale this May.

Soon, though, CBS will be presenting a new NCIS spin-off that is based in Hawaii. That could be a good way to bring back some characters from the past like Anthony DiNozzo.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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Ralph J Baldi
Ralph J Baldi
3 years ago

I will miss her. Live large Jack.