Who plays Miguel Torres on NCIS cast? Father of Nick Torres joins show

Miguel Torres NCIS
Miguel Torres debuts as the father of Nick Torres on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS cast adds the character of Miguel Torres to the show during an all-new episode on Tuesday night.

This is the father of NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres, who hasn’t had a lot of his family life revealed on the show yet.

For the past few years, Gibbs has served as a pseudo father figure to Nick, but a shocking revelation during the episode called Sangre is going to really shake up his life.

According to the synopsis for this episode, “Evidence from the stabbing of a Marine Sergeant leads Torres to meet his father, Miguel (Steven Bauer), who left when he was a child, on NCIS.”

This is going to serve as NCIS Season 18, Episode 12 and it’s really getting that countdown started for when the season finale arrives later in May.

Who plays Miguel Torres on the NCIS cast?

Actor Steven Bauer will make his debut on the NCIS cast with the episode called Sangre. He takes on the role of Miguel Torres, and the early images for the episode suggest that the character is bringing his past along for the ride. What that entails has mostly been kept under wraps, so we will have to watch to find out if Nick has to save his dad.

Bauer has been acting for a really long time. Movie fans will know him as the right-hand man of Tony Montana in Scarface. Bauer played Manny Ribera in the iconic film and is still recognized for his role opposite Al Pacino.

On TV, Bauer has also recurred as Don Eladio on Breaking Bad and then came back to play the same character on the prequel called Better Call Saul. Bringing the character back in that fashion was certainly a real treat.

He was also recently seen as Ari on many episodes of Ray Donavan, as Bernardo Rojas on an episode of Supergirl, and as Carlos Ayala in the movie Traffic.

NCIS spoilers revealed by Nick Torres actor

Actor Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Agent Nick Torres on the show, revealed some intriguing NCIS spoilers about the season finale. It suggests that fans could be in for a really exciting hour of television, but that it may not end the way that everyone wants it to.

Before Valderrama made those statements, he also posted some images from the NCIS set that hint at what might be taking place during the final episode of the season. It might be a really shocking conclusion to Season 18 of NCIS.

As for the future of the show, NCIS Season 19 was just ordered by CBS, meaning we will get to see a lot of new episodes next year as well.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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