Who plays Lydia on The Walking Dead? Cassady McClincy returns, Havana Blum takes a turn

Young Lydia TWD
Young Lydia on The Walking Dead cast is played by actress Havana Blum. Pic credit: AMC/YouTube

Lydia is back on The Walking Dead cast. Cassady McClincy has returned for Season 10, taking on the role of the older Lydia, but the character is also seen as her younger version in Episode 2.

The younger Lydia, who is seen during several flashbacks during the episode titled We Are the End of the World, is played by Havana Blum. That’s the 10-year-old version of the character who ends up blocking some memories.

The flashbacks from Season 10, Episode 2 are seven years behind the current timeline of the show. It meant that Alpha (Samantha Morton) had to lead the younger version around for most of the episode. But not to worry, as Cassady McClincy (17-year-old Lydia) still makes an appearance in reference.

While it wasn’t really her fault, as she tried to get away from the Whisperers, the character of Lydia has led to a lot of death on the show. When she wanted to be saved by Hilltop, it led to her mother, Alpha, killing a lot of the protagonists on the show.

Who plays Lydia on The Walking Dead cast?

Cassady McClincy plays the older version of Lydia and she has been the primary actress in the role. She has quite a few important scenes in Season 9 and that should continue as Season 10 plays out.

In addition to her time as part of the TWD cast, she has also been seen on the shows Castle Rock, Ozark, and Daytime Divas. McClincy also had a memorable role in the film, Love, Simon.

As for Havana Blum, the younger version of Lydia, this might be considered her breakout role. Before this, she appeared in several shorts and the TV movie, The Beach House. Maybe she will return to TWD in more flashback episodes.

The latest episode of the show was an important one, as Gamma made her first appearance and Lydia and Alpha got to meet Beta for the first time. Moving forward, Lydia is going to be an important character, so fans will want to pay close attention to her scenes.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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