Who plays Big Trey on FBI? Maestro Harrell from The Wire guest stars

Wire To FBI
Maestro Harrell guest stars on FBI after also starring on The Wire. Pic credit: CBS

Big Trey on FBI this Tuesday night may be really recognizable to anyone who watched The Wire when it was on television.

Actor Maestro Harrell is going to guest star as Trey on FBI, playing an important role during Season 2, Episode 14 of the show. As seen in the previews, it looks to be a pretty dramatic episode.

It’s a night full of guest stars on the new episode, with quite a few moving parts and a lot of subplots that are going to be rolled into the main storyline.

Studio Gangster guest stars on FBI

Joining Maestro Harrell on the January 28 episode are Mara Davi as Samantha, Caleb Reese Paul as Tyler, and Sean Baker as Thumper.

Evan Miller is also guest-starring as Justiin Davis after some time on a number of other shows. The episode — called Studio Gangster — also marks the return of Yasmine Aker as Mona Nazari.

FBI viewers will get to see the “new Kristen” as well, with Catherine Haena Kim continuing her role as Agent Emily Ryder.

Maestro Harrell adds FBI to list of credits

During his time as an actor, Harrell has appeared on many shows as recurring characters. He has also appeared in a handful of films as well.

Harrell might be best known for his role as Randy Wagstaff on The Wire. It was one of the most memorable cop dramas that have been on television, especially due to the strong cast and exemplary writing.

The Wire ran for five seasons on HBO, with quite a few cast members spinning their roles into bigger things. The cast included Dominic West, Wendell Pierce, Amy Ryan, Michael B. Jordan, Method Man, Chris Bauer, and many, many more famous names.

The Wire also starred Michael Kenneth Williams as Omar Little — one of the best roles TV has seen in a long time.

More Maestro Harrell acting credits

In addition to his time on The Wire, and now with FBI, Harrell appeared as Maestro Harris on Guys Like Us, Malik on Suburgatory, Matt Sale on Fear the Walking Dead, and James “Lil Cease” Lloyd on Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

FBI fans should make sure to tune in for Season 2, Episode 14 on January 28, as the previews make it look like this could be a very good episode. Intrigue, drama, relationships, and a whole lot of guest stars should make this a memorable installment of the hit show.

FBI airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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