Who is Donna Sweett on Riverdale and who is the actress that plays her?

Who is Donna Sweett on Riverdale?
Sarah Desjardins is killing it as Donna Sweett on Riverdale. Pic credit: The CW

Donna Sweett on Riverdale has become enemy number one for Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse).

After the latest episode of The CW drama, fans are left wondering who is Donna Sweett on Riverdale, really?

Viewers are also curious about the actress who is pulling off an outstanding performance as Donna. The character is one that fans love to hate, which means actress Sarah Desjardins deserves some serious kudos for her talented acting skills.

Who is Donna Sweett on Riverdale, really?

When Donna was introduced at the beginning of Season 4, the character was more of a sidekick to Bret Weston Wallace. The Stonewall prep destructive duo has had it in for Jughead since he began attending the boarding school.

From the beginning, viewers were led to believe Bret was the mastermind running things at Stonewall prep. In recent weeks fans have discovered there is a lot more to Donna than meets the eye. She is the one running the show, not Bret. Plus, Donna is completely unhinged.

Thanks to Veronica’s (Camila Mendes) sister, Hermosa (Mishel Prada), Donna’s true identity was uncovered. Veronica immediately clued in her group of friends. Jughead, who yes is alive, finally realized Donna is a smoking gun and has a way to take down the Stonies.

The show gave fans no clues about who Donna is, but some theories are floating around already. One is that she is connected to Francis DuPont (Malcolm Stewart) and is out to gain control over his Baxter Brothers fortune.

Another possibility is that Donna is the daughter of The Farm cult leader Edgar (Chad Michael Murray) and is out to avenge his death. Betty was her ultimate target, with Jughead merely being collateral damage.

Last but not least, there is the theory Donna is the daughter of Penny Peabody (Brit Morgan). The gang leader has been battling with Jughead for years, so sending her daughter to destroy him could be her latest form of attack.

Who is the actress that plays Donna Sweett?

Sarah Desjardins has been creeping fans out as Donna on Riverdale throughout Season 4. The talented actress is a native of Vancouver, where Riverdale films.

She has worked steadily as an actress since she was a teen. Sarah has had recurring roles on Clue, Van Helsing, Project Mc², and Impulse, just to name a few.

The brunette beauty is grateful to Riverdale fans for loving and hating Donna. Sarah is happy the die-hard fanbase is enjoying her portrayal of the character. Viewers have mixed feelings regarding Donna, but agree, Sarah is fabulous.

Donna Sweett’s true identity will hopefully be revealed in the next episode of Riverdale. The preview clip shows Jughead back from the dead and ready to take on the Stonies.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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