Who is Cliff Hogg III on Big Brother 21 cast? Stubborn engineer excited

Cliff Hogg III On BB21 Cast
Cliff Hogg is on Big Brother 21 cast for summer 2019. Pic credit: CBS

Cliff Hogg III is a member of the Big Brother 21 cast and someone to keep an eye on. From the first episode of the summer 2019 season, viewers will instantly recognize the gregarious houseguest.

The full BB21 cast was revealed on Monday, and it’s an interesting group of people. There is a person with 13 tattoos, a social media influencer, and a current Broadway performer.

Cliff is a petroleum engineer from Houston, Texas, and he brings a big personality to the game. He could fit right in, and there may be some viewers who start comparing him to Chicken George from two past seasons.

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Who is Cliff Hogg III on Big Brother 21 cast?

Cliff feels that he is very strategic, and he has plans on how to deal with the other houseguests. It’s obvious he will be entertaining to watch on the CBS live feeds. He calls himself stubborn, funny, and caring.

The interview with former houseguest Jeff Schroeder revealed that Cliff has been watching since Season 8. He was excited to be in the Diary Room and enthralled to be on the other side of the camera.

Cliff also noted that he felt he was a pretty normal guy, but may not be anymore if he is now a member of a Big Brother cast. He is also full of stories that could lead to him making friends in the house.

Cliff watched previous seasons and worked out how people should have acted and what they should have done to make it to the end. Can he turn his knowledge of past seasons into a winning formula for summer 2019?

Arriving at Big Brother 21 start date

The time has nearly arrived. The CBS schedule for Big Brother has the first episode on Tuesday, June 25. That’s only a little over a week until viewers will be watching the new group of houseguests playing the game.

Big Brother will air new episodes of the show on CBS for summer 2019.

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