Who got nominated on Big Brother? Updates from live feed inside the Big Brother house

Big Brother 21 Memory Wall
There are 16 people that starting out as part of the Big Brother 21 cast. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The live feeds from inside the Big Brother house revealed the Week 2 nominations for eviction. The information came out late Friday, confirming who many fans felt that Jack Matthews would be targeting this time.

Jack narrowly beat out Jessica Milagros to become the second Head of Household this summer. It gave him the power to name who he wanted to be on the block for the week.

So far, David Alexander and Ovi Kabir have been the two people removed from the primary BB21 cast. David and Ovi are now relegated to Camp Comeback, which is much like the Have Not Room from past seasons.

Who got nominated on Big Brother in Week 2?

Jack went with Kemi Fakunle, who is a big Rachel Reilly fan, as one of his nominees. His second nominee was model Jessica, who he has been badmouthing a lot in the house this summer.

Jessica and Kemi will get to compete for safety during the Power of Veto Competition on Saturday (July 6). It’s a shot to win the POV and get off the block at the Veto Ceremony. That might be the only way to really shake things up.

Big Brother updates

Two major earthquakes have hit in Southern California, causing a lot of people to ask about the location of the Big Brother house. The cast members have all felt the quakes, leading to some interesting reactions on the live feeds. The house itself was a safe distance from the epicenters.

Big Brother returns for a new episode on Sunday, July 7. That’s when the latest Whacktivity Competition and the Chaos Power will get revealed to the CBS audience.

The network schedule is shifting the episodes for the rest of the summer 2019 season. It will be a return to normal for the summer installments of the show, but Big Brother 21 certainly has more twists and turns to come.

Stay tuned, because many more Big Brother spoilers are going to come over the next 48 hours.

Big Brother 21 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS this summer.

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