Where is Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire?

Kelly Severide Chicago Fire
Taylor Kinney continues to play Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Adrian Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire explained the absence of Lieutenant Kelly Severide at the beginning of the latest episode.

Fans learned where Severide had gone when OFI Captain Van Meter visited Chief Boden at Firehouse 51.

“I just wanted to explain in person,” Van Meter said to Boden as he walked into the office.

“What? Why you took my Squad lieutenant out of commission on a day’s notice?” Boden interrupted.

“To be fair, Severide could have said no,” Van Meter retorted.

The Chicago Fire leaders then discussed how Severide is now taking part in the best arson investigation program in the world.

Later, when Wendy Seager came in for help on a case, Stella Kidd told her that Severide’s in Alabama for training.

Boden suspect of Van Meter and a transfer

At Firehouse 51, Boden is understandably worried that Severide will return with enough training to convince him to transfer to the Office of Fire Investigation (OFI).

Van Meter tried to put Boden’s mind at ease, but Severide is so good at solving arson cases that the OFI seems to be hinted at his final station while working for the CFD.

When will Kelly Severide return to Chicago Fire?

The Chicago Fire writers were placed in a difficult spot when they got very little notice that actor Taylor Kinney would be taking a leave of absence from the show.

With how it was written up and Severide gaining some extra training creates a narrative where he could leave Chicago if the actor who plays him leaves the show for good.

That would be a worst-case scenario for many Chicago Fire fans, as his absence from the show has left a big hole that the writers and producers are trying to fill. Bringing back Seager was a first step.

And soon, Jesse Spencer returns as Matt Casey, giving fans of the show a treat for an upcoming episode.

As for the return of Kelly Severide, no news has come out about him re-joining his co-stars on the set. This raises the possibility that he might not return for any of the remaining Season 11 episodes.

Stay tuned.

More news from One Chicago

The Chicago Fire episode schedule has a lot of dramatic content debuting soon, likely helping the show build up to a season finale in May.

On the evening of March 22, a Chicago P.D. episode directed by Jesse Lee Soffer debuts at 10/9c. He was in front of the camera for years as Detective Jay Halstead but decided to give it a shot behind the camera for Season 10, Episode 16.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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1 year ago

Please bring back Taylor kitty. He is awesome for the shell.

Christine Sisbarro
Christine Sisbarro
1 year ago

Already miss Taylor Kinney! Hopefully. he will return! If he doesn’t return to Chicago Fire I hope that I will see him on another show soon!

1 year ago

If Taylor Kinney is xhausted let him do what his body feels! I know I saw him getting too thin and tired looking. You can’t burn these people out.. He was one of those who Was ALL GUSTO.. its best to Not force him.

I’ve lived it.