When does Matthew Casey return to Chicago Fire? Here’s what we know

Jesse Spencer As Casey Chicago Fire
Jesse Spencer seen as Matthew Casey on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBCUniversal

The widely-known Chicago Fire secret is that Matthew Casey returns this season.

He has to return because Casey is marrying paramedic Sylvie Brett.

The couple has tried the long-distance thing before, but now Brett is ready to move to Portland.

A new chapter to the Chicago Fire saga begins with Casey returning — maybe for the last time.

Brett is leaving Chicago, with actress Kara Killmer having already filmed her final scenes.

The current season has been building toward a wedding, and some details have come out.

When does Matthew Casey return to Chicago Fire?

Brett’s final episode of Chicago Fire has been revealed. NBC released details for that upcoming night, giving fans a heads-up.

And that night will be in conjunction with Jesse Spencer returning as Matthew Casey. Unfortunately, this could be his final appearance since Brett is moving away from Chicago to be with Casey.

That new Chicago Fire episode debuts on Wednesday, February 28. It serves as the sixth episode for Chicago Fire Season 12.

Chicago Fire spoilers about Casey returning have also been leaked from the set. A lucky fan filmed a few moments that will appear in that upcoming episode.

Early footage from Brett’s final Chicago Fire episode was also leaked. Someone was inside Molly’s and nabbed some gold.

Details for upcoming Chicago Fire episodes

“After their defibrillator malfunctions on a call, Brett and Violet search for answers. Herrmann tries to find the perfect home for his new recliner. A secret from Gibson’s past comes to light,” reads the synopsis for the February 21 Chicago Fire episode.

Brett has some drama to deal with in her penultimate episode. Fans must enjoy Kara Killmer one final time before she signs off the following week.

Below is the TV promo running on NBC for that February 21 episode. It is called On the Hook.

The final Chicago Fire episode for Brettsey?

“Firehouse 51 welcomes back some familiar faces and says goodbye to Brett. Violet scrambles to decorate Brett’s wedding venue. A call at the expo center takes a shocking turn,” reads the synopsis for the February 28 Chicago Fire episode.

NBC is teasing “familiar faces” returning to Chicago Fire to say goodbye. One will be Matthew Casey – but who else might pop in to attend her wedding?

Below is a fun video about Brettsey from the people at One Chicago.

Previous episodes of Chicago Fire are available for streaming on Peacock. That includes the Season 11 finale, where Casey arrives in Chicago and proposes to Brett.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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Ruby Well-Off-Man
Ruby Well-Off-Man
1 month ago

Going to miss them.