What was Callen looking for on NCIS: Los Angeles season finale?

Agent Rountree is looking forward to NCIS: LA Season 13. Pic credit: CBS

During the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 finale, Callen was seen looking for something in the files that are in Hetty’s office.

A lot of questions were raised during the episode called A Tale of Two Igors, but viewers got a tad distracted due to the huge cast exits.

Nell Jones and Eric Beale left NCIS: LA in the final episode of Season 12, bringing to an end their long-running character arcs.

Though she did confirm her exit from the series, actress Renee Felice Smith also hinted at wanting to return in the future.

We also got to see Hetty Lange return to the show, with actress Linda Hunt finally appearing in person again.

But what about the new possible subplot involving G. Callen?

What was Callen searching for in Hetty’s office?

“Callen was, in effect, rummaging for a storyline seed that is poised to bloom next season,” stated NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner Scott Gemmill during a new interview with TVLine.

“With Hetty being gone, we started to think about Callen’s relationship with her as a child, and then because of Kilbride being somebody who has known Hetty for so long, it seemed like a great opportunity for us to explore something from Callen’s past that he didn’t know about. There might be a lot more story there than we realize,” he continued.

This is all really exciting news and it sounds like plans have been in place for a while to further explore the backstory between Callen and Hetty. It didn’t go unnoticed that Retired Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride had some pointed things to say in an earlier episode about how Hetty had groomed Callen.

And speaking of Kilbride, some huge NCIS: LA news about that character in Season 13 was recently revealed. It’s definitely going to have a big impact on the show.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 coming soon to CBS

Season 13 of NCIS: LA has already been ordered by CBS and the network has announced that it will continue airing Sunday nights. We should see new episodes of NCIS: LA around the end of September or at the beginning of October 2021 in the regular 9/8c timeslot.

Unfortunately, NCIS: New Orleans is no longer airing at 10/9c on Sundays because the network canceled the show. The ratings just weren’t high enough, and it didn’t help that new episodes were airing so late on Sunday evenings.

Within the CBS schedule, a new NCIS spin-off is going to air on Monday nights. The new show is called NCIS: Hawaii, and it will debut at 10/9c on Mondays. Bull, which had been airing in that timeslot, will shift over to Thursday nights.

The biggest news in regard to the fall schedule, though, has to be that NCIS is leaving Tuesday nights for good. Fans have not been pleased about this particular news, but the network is doing it so that it can air three different FBI-based shows on the same night. It’s taking a page out of the playbook that NBC uses for its One Chicago shows on Wednesdays.

NCIS: Los Angeles returns with Season 13 in the fall of 2021 on CBS.

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