What happened to Dr. Choi on Chicago Med?

Ethan Choi Chicago Med
Actor Brian Tee plays Dr. Ethan Choi on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: NBC

What happened to Dr. Ethan Choi on Chicago Med goes back to the final few episodes of Season 6.

It was a shortened season of the show last year, but a lot of drama evolved from Dr. Dean Archer coming to work in the ED.

Played by Wings star Steven Weber, Dr. Archer had previously been the superior officer to Dr. Choi when they were both in the military.

And when Archer came to work with Choi, it immediately led to a lot of friction in the workplace, as it didn’t seem like Archer could handle having Choi as his boss.

Animosity grew within Archer until it bubbled over in Season 6, Episode 14, when a patient named Neil came in. Neil needed surgery, but he was under the delusion that everything was a simulation. Archer was displeased and tried to get Dr. Charles to force the patient into surgery. When that didn’t work, Archer slyly drugged Neil so he would lose consciousness, allowing Archer to just do the surgery.

While the patient was unconscious, Archer removed his appendix, leading to a very frustrated Neil when he woke up later.

What happened to Dr. Choi on Chicago Med?

On the Season 6 finale of Chicago Med, Choi was waiting for Archer in the parking lot when he arrived. Choi wanted to let Archer know that he was going to be fired, but suddenly Neil came up to them with a gun. Neil was very angry about what had happened, and Choi jumped in to try to disarm him before he could shoot anyone.

Choi was shot and rushed into surgery by Archer, who ended up saving his life. Sharon saw Archer save Choi’s life and decided that she should jump at the chance to make Archer the interim head of the ED while Choi recovered. And that’s where the story has picked up during Season 7, with Archer running the ED like he wants to see it done.

Brian Tee plays Dr. Ethan Choi on Chicago Med cast

Actor Brian Tee has played Dr. Ethan Choi in 119 episodes of Chicago Med. He has been one of the primary characters through the first six seasons and his character was frequently in a relationship with Nurse April Sexton (played by Yaya DaCosta).

At the end of Chicago Med Season 6, Yaya DaCosta shared her final scene on the show with Brian Tee. DaCosta had also been on the show for years, but she was ready to try some new things. She spoke about why she left Chicago Med, and she is now starring on a new FOX show.

Within the world of One Chicago, April is presumably still off helping Ethan to heal from getting shot and work through the grueling process of becoming a doctor again. It will be interesting to find out exactly how the writers deal with that situation in the end, with the result likely being that April is off at school when/if Ethan comes back to the ED.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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