WandaVision references a connection between the MCU and X-Men Quicksilvers

WandaVision references a connection between the MCU and X-Men Quicksilvers
Both Quicksilvers and Wanda. Pic credit: Marvel / Fox

Last week on WandaVision, the episode ended with Pietro Maximoff showing up on Wanda’s doorstep, with one major change.

This wasn’t the Pietro who died in Avengers: Age of Ultron, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was the Pietro that appeared in Fox’s X-Men movies, a world where Wanda did not exist.

In the most recent episode of WandaVision, Wanda and Pietro talked about their past and things seemed strange, to put it lightly.

As Wanda was trying to figure things out, she dropped a line that called back the real-life connection between the two Quicksilver actors.

Quicksilver said things were “kickass,” and Wanda responded in a knowing way, “Kick-Ass!”

Quicksilver connection in Kick-Ass

Before Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters took on their individual roles as Quicksilver in the MCU and at Fox respectively, they both appeared in another comic book adaptation.

Taylor-Johnson starred as Dave Lizewski, the main hero in the 2010 movie Kick-Ass. That movie was based on the books by Mark Millar, which was originally created under the Icon imprint by Marvel before Image Comics republished them.

In that movie, Dave was an ordinary kid who put on a superhero costume and tried to fight crime with no actual powers.

He also had two best friends named Marty (Clark Duke) and Todd (Evan Peters). Yes, Dave’s best friend in Kick-Ass was played by Evan Peters, and then a few years later, both actors ended up signing on to play Quicksilver for two different comic book properties.

WandaVision and Quicksilver

There is no telling who or what Quicksliver/Pietro is in WandaVision.

Wanda tried to test him with questions and he called her out on it every time. On top of that, he constantly let her know that he thought her controlling the entire town was cool and he was supportive of her.

However, he also helped her kids realize their powers, was a bad influence and constantly made comments that pushed the boundaries like when he mentioned to her that her husband had already died once.

Some fans believe he is the Quicksilver from the Fox world, some believe he is just an “actor” in the town, although he seems to be more willing to let Wanda know he knows what is happening, and others fans believe he is maybe more ominous.

Some believe he is Mephisto, the demon some claim could be responsible for this. Whoever he is, Wanda knows something isn’t right, and there is a good chance Quicksilver is not who he seems to be.

WandaVision drops new episodes every Friday night on Disney+.

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