Today’s Savannah Guthrie gets called out by Jamie Lee Curtis: ‘Way to show me up on national TV’

nbc today savannah guthrie face shot
Today’s Savannah Guthrie hosted a cooking segment with Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis. Pic credit: NBC

Jamie Lee Curtis was among the latest guests to stop by NBC’s Today, but she had a few words for host Savannah Guthrie during her appearance.

The Halloween scream queen and Oscar winner was featured in a cooking segment alongside Savannah.

During that portion of the show, Curtis presented her recipe for a lemon bundt cake.

At one point, she called out Savannah for her involvement in the recipe and cooking.

Soon after, Today’s on-air crew, including Al Roker, Hoda Kotb, and Craig Melvin, got to sample the final results.

In a caption, Curtis wrote, “SO FUN making my ‘famous’ @cakemixdoctor @annebyrn ‘SUSAN’S LEMON🍋BUNDT CAKE for the crew at @todayshow!”

Curtis called out Savannah during Today segment

For Curtis’ cooking segment, Savannah Guthrie called it an “outrageously easy” dessert for others to create.

Curtis revealed that Anne Byrn’s book The Cake Mix Doctor is where she obtained the recipe for lemon cake mix, which mainly features the standard dessert ingredients.

An additional secret ingredient is lemon Jello mix, which gives the cake a more decadent and moister consistency.

Curtis prepared the recipe and mixed the ingredients. She then showed a pre-greased bundt pan into which the cake batter would be poured.

“Dumb question. Can you just use a regular cake pan, or do you need a bundt pan?” Savannah asked.

“No, you need a bundt pan, Savannah,” Curtis said, seeming to reprimand her, before asking, “Who’s the cook on the show?”

Once Curtis talked about glazing the finished cake from the oven, Savannah asked her, “Do you have to wait for it to cool before you glaze?”

“Yes,” Curtis said as she paused momentarily to look at Savannah.

Savannah asked Curtis if it was a “dumb question” to ask.

“Wow. Way to show me up on national television! Interesting! I see how it is around here,” Curtis said to Savannah as the rest of the Today crew laughed.

screenshot of savannah guthrie instagram story pic featuring her with actress jamie lee curtis during cooking segment on today
Jamie Lee Curtis and Savannah Guthrie during NBC Today’s cooking segment. Pic credit: @savannahguthrie/Instagram

Oscar winner spoke about age and her new book

During her time on NBC’s Today, Curtis also spoke to Hoda about how she’s embracing her age and loving this time in her life.

“65 is a moment of reflection and excitement. So, for me, I’m excited, more turned on creatively. I have a new book. I’m heading to make a new movie,” she said of her latest projects.

That book is a children’s picture book, Just One More Sleep: All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait . . . and Wait . . . and Wait. Curtis said it teaches a lesson of being patient and learning to wait. She said it can also apply to adults.

Curtis, who won an Oscar for her performance as Deirdre Beaubeirdre in Everything Everywhere All at Once, has several projects in post-production. She’ll appear in Prime Video’s Canadian series The Sticky and Eli Roth’s upcoming sci-fi film Borderlands, based on the video game.

Curtis also has several movies in development or production to keep her busy, including Spychosis and Ella McCay.

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