Titans Season 3 to introduce a classic Batman location

Arkham Asylum
Batman walking into Arkham Asylum. Pic credit: DC Comics

Titans Season 3 is switching platforms from the DC Universe to HBO Max, and the new season will introduce a classic Batman location.

Titans moved from DC Universe when that streaming service changed into a comic book reading platform for DC Comics called DC Infinite. When the streaming network ended, different shows faced different fates.

Stargirl moved to The CW. Titans, Doom Patrol, and the animated Harley Quinn series moved to HBO Max. Warner Bros. canceled Swamp Thing.

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Now, news is leaking about the third season of Titans.

Titans Season 3 to introduce Arkham Asylum

Set photos were leaked from Titans Season 3, and one of the photos looks like a very famous Batman location. The photos revealed Arkham Asylum is coming to Titans on HBO Max.

Arkham Asylum is where all Batman’s villains end up after he arrests them. They also break out more often than not, and there have been many evil things that have happened in the walls of Arkham as well.

From the look of the photos, Arkham Asylum is the Guelph Correctional Centre in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Other photos showed a transport bus, vehicles with the Arkham Asylum logo, and a sign telling people not to stop by Arkham Asylum’s grounds.

The Scarecrow is coming to Titans

This is also where the new villain coming to Titans — Jonathan Crane — will appear.

Vincent Kartheiser will play Crane, whom fans of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy remember as the psychiatrist who created a fear toxin and became The Scarecrow.

The Titans Season 3 synopsis already revealed: “known to most as the Scarecrow, Crane is a current inmate at Arkham Asylum and offers his services as a profiler and consultant for the Gotham City Police Department.”

According to comments by showrunner Gary Walker at DC FanDome in 2020, the third season of Titans will be more optimistic than the gritty and dark first two seasons.

“This is how this season is going to be different, I think in a lot of ways. It ultimately ends with them figuring out a way as a team. It ends optimistically,” Walker said. “We have a character named Dove who is going to point in the direction we’re going to go. It takes them a long time to follow her advice.”

“To stop doing things the way we’ve always done them and find a new way. That, they have to figure out how to do collectively,” he added.

Titans Season 3 is expected to hit HBO Max later in 2021.

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