This Is Us review: Kevin and Madison come to a crossroads

Kevin and Madison on This Is Us
Kevin is about to leave for the airport when Madison says her goodbyes on This Is Us. Pic credit: NBC

On This Is Us for Season 5, Episode 5, Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) time with Madison (Caitlin Thompson) has been cut short — at least for now.

Suddenly, he has been called away from their shared abode to continue acting in his latest movie up in Canada.

Madison wants Kevin to go away on This Is Us

While Kevin isn’t so sure he can leave, Madison believes this is a good idea.

“I think you should use this time to be real with yourself,” Madison told Kevin as he was about to leave for his location shoot in Vancouver.

She did this as she handed him a packed breakfast for the ride to the airport, much as one would do with their small child.

So, is Madison the only person in this relationship who realizes that her time with Kevin going forward will be a lot different? It seems this may be the case.

It’s also obvious that Kevin loves the idea of a father, and that he is “all in” for that — but is he “all in” for Madison?

This may not be the case.

If she was Sofie (Alexandra Breckinridge) or even Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), the answer would likely be yes. However, their romances were sincere and even deep-seated, especially when compared to the one with Madison, which is nothing less than complicated.

Are Kevin and Madison acting in This Is Us

Another problem with the Madison and Kevin picture is that each partner seems to be playing a part in their partnership.

For instance, Madison’s behavior is definitely not the same as it had been when it comes to how she now treats others. She has definitely lost her edge.

And Kevin? He seems to really be playing a role as a man engaged to a woman he does not know and with whom he is having a hard time connecting when they find themselves alone. So, how will he possibly be able to get closer to her once twins are in their lives?

Then again, perhaps Madison won’t be in Kevin’s life for the long run. After all, in the back-to-the-future scene when Rebecca appears to be on her deathbed at Kevin’s new house, she is not in the picture.

So did she die, perhaps during childbirth? Or, is she around but not living with Kevin?

This is something we’ll ultimately find out as This Is Us continues to tell this story about a couple of veritable strangers who had a one-night stand only to discover they were going to be parents. And to twins, no less.

Stay tuned.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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