This Is Us recap Season 5, Episode 5: A whole lot of closure

Kate on This Is Us
The adult Kate tells off dirtbag Marc on This Is Us. Pic credit: NBC

This Is Us finally returned to NBC on Tuesday after a seven-week absence.

The long-awaited episode called A Long Road Home delved into very personal matters for each of The Big Three.

Kate’s storyline was a bit of a shocker.

Kate tells Toby everything on This Is Us

As she was finally telling Toby about her unwanted pregnancy, her abortion, and the person who was partially responsible, Kate started to think about Marc and what happened to him.

She proceeded to play sleuth on the computer, ultimately locating him on Myspace, of all places.

Learning Marc was living in San Diego and still working at a record store, she told Toby she was going to go there to confront him. He immediately joined her, driving the two-and-a-half hours or so from Los Angeles but not at all knowing what the trip would accomplish.

When they arrived, Marc was dragging on a cigarette outside his place of business. He looked like an older yet sadder version of the 24-year-old Marc. He had all the markings of how he presented himself more than two decades before Kate saw him again, which was shortly before that lonely time she underwent a procedure to abort their child without telling literally anyone.

Kate listens as Marc shows his true colors

Kate stood in front of him and listened to his sob story that belied his stunted growth.

She asked how he felt about her and he snickered, stating that sure, their six-month relationship had turned intense at times, but he had not actually thought about it or her in the last 20 years.

Kate reams Mark on This Is Us

And then, without taking a beat, Kate let loose.

She told Marc he had ruined her self-esteem when she only 18-years-old.

He said she was broken, and she shot back, “My father had just died. I wasn’t broken. I was grieving.”

After that, Kate went on a rant, making sure to let this dirtbag know she finally found a husband who really loves her. She also let Marc know that he wants to “pulverize” the creep for what he did.

Then Kate tells this monster who didn’t think much about anything he did, including taking her virginity, that he was “a disease.” She made sure to let him know she was now “cured” and so she was giving that disease back to Marc.

And that folks, is the end of the story for this disastrous chapter once suffered by this Pearson member of The Big Three.

The This Is Us episode that aired on January 5 also looked into Kevin’s relationship with Madison and Randall’s sudden discovery about his mom.

Both Kevin and Randall were surprised about what they learned during the winter premiere of This Is Us for Season 5. Details to come so stay tuned.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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