This Is Us Season 5 Episode 5 spoilers: Kate’s most painful time in her life is disclosed

Toby and Kate in This Is Us
In This Is Us on January 5, Kate and Toby sit down for a serious talk that leads to a giant revelation. Pic credit: NBC

On This Is Us, following a seven-week hiatus, the Pearsons are back in the present, the past, and possibly the future.

On January 5 in the episode called A Long Road Home, Kate (Chrissy Metz) will be in the spotlight as she sits at the dinner table facing Toby (Chris Sullivan) in the current time period. It is during this scene that she admits to a horrible time in her past that she has not told anyone about — before now.

Kate tells Toby about her teen pregnancy

In fact, it takes Kate four years to tell Toby about the abortion she had after conceiving a baby with her horrible boyfriend, Marc, according to the clip seen here from Entertainment Weekly.

During the series, Kate has had a lot of trouble getting pregnant with Jack.

Much later, she eventually moved on to seek adoptive opportunities without ever saying a word about her abortion.

Without a doubt, she had ample time to confide in her husband during that time but she chose not to do so. Instead, she chose to keep her secret to herself.

As viewers have previously witnessed, Kate’s coping mechanism is keeping things bottled up until she can’t keep it in any longer.

Kate’s This Is Us confession riles Toby

In the upcoming Tuesday night scene in which Toby’s wife confesses about what happened back when she was only 16-years-old, Kate admits that this was the worst time in her life.

Toby’s reaction is not only incredulous but he is also very protective.

He demands to know the culprit’s name. He wants to know about Marc and then he vows to find him whereupon he will kill him.

That is how angry this big guy gets when he learns about what happened to his wife so long ago. He also learns how much of a monster Marc had been to young Kate.

Other matters on This Is Us

This Is Us for Season 5 Episode 5 called The Long Road Home will also tell viewers more about how the fisherman in Vietnam called Hai fits into Randall’s mother’s life — and thus how he fits into Randall’s life.

The fresh January 5 episode will also dig deeper into the relationship Kevin is having with Madison. Since she is having twins after the two had a one-night stand, this new couple faces many obstacles.

This is especially true given Madison is Kate’s best friend yet she hardly knows Kevin, the father-to-be of her two children.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.



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