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The Walking Dead Season 11: New trailer may have just confirmed the Yumiko/Michonne comic book crossover

Eleanor Matsuura stars as Yumiko, as seen in the latest trailer for Season 11 of AMC's The Walking Dead
Eleanor Matsuura stars as Yumiko, as seen in the latest trailer for Season 11 of The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

The new trailer for Season 11 of The Walking Dead dropped, and fans scoured the footage trying to work out every minute detail.

Because of this, the trailer could have confirmed a popular theory involving a comic book storyline crossover.

Michonne (Danai Gurira) stepped away from The Walking Dead as she heads off in search of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

The comic book series fans suspect another character might take over one of Michonne’s Commonwealth storylines.

Fans who have not read the comics and want to remain in the dark about potential Walking Dead Season 11 storylines should find another Monsters & Critics article to read.

For those happy with spoilers or already know what to expect, continue on.

Michonne’s Commonwealth storyline explained

In The Walking Dead comic book series, Michonne’s arrival at the Commonwealth came with a surprise reunion.

Finding a message on the community’s Wall of the Lost, Michonne reunited with her daughter, Elodie.

Fans expect The Walking Dead to explore this in the TV version, but it will come with a twist. Michonne has not only left the series, but she had a baby son she lost and never mentioned a daughter.

Danai Gurira stars as Michonne, as seen in Episode 8 of The Walking Dead Season 10.
Danai Gurira stars as Michonne, as seen in Episode 8 of The Walking Dead Season 10. Pic credit: AMC/Eliza Morse

There had been speculation among fans that Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) would fill this storyline as she was a lawyer, a similar position Michonne held before the zombie apocalypse.

The latest Walking Dead Season 11 trailer appears to confirm this theory.

A message is left for Miko on the Wall of the Lost

According to Screen Rant, an eagle-eyed fan found the piece of evidence confirming Yumiko will find out about her missing brother, a potential twist on Michonne’s comic book storyline.

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In The Walking Dead, Yumiko hasn’t received a major backstory. However, this might have been intentional to create a surprise in The Walking Dead’s last season.

While searching for clues in the latest trailer, Twitter user @cocosrosita came up with the goods regarding Yumiko’s impending storyline.

“WAIT? have you seen my sister miko? contact tommy,” the user wrote in the caption before including two images from the Wall of the Lost.

The first image shows the multitude of pictures plastered all over the wall. A zoomed-in image of a message written on paper shows that message.

While this doesn’t mention Yumiko, characters referred to her by the shortened version of her name, Miko.

It seems possible her brother would have a nickname or abbreviated version he used instead of her full name.

AMC has confirmed nothing, so fans will have to wait until Season 11 drops to find out more.

Season 11 of The Walking Dead will premiere on August 22 at 9/8c on AMC.

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