The Walking Dead recap: Eugene’s group takes the scenic route and Beta becomes unhinged

Eleanor Matsuura as Yumiko, Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Paola Lazaro as princess, and Josh McDermitt as Eugene
Eleanor Matsuura as Yumiko, Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Paola Lazaro as Princess, and Josh McDermitt as Eugene. Pic credit: Jace Downs/AMC

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Juanita Sanchez AKA Princess (Paola Lazaro) makes her presence known.

While Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) wants to off her, Ezekiel (Khary Payton) does his thing by way of negotiating. It’s hard to do this with someone who thinks you’re just a hallucination.

They try to leave, but Princess is starved for real people, and f**ks s**t up by firing her weapon at the walkers and scaring away the horses.

This totally means that they have to accept her offer to take them through the safest route in the city.

They negotiate with Princess, who says she knows where there are more vehicles. And, for some reason, out of the group, she seems to think Eugene (Josh McDermitt) is the deadliest of the lot.

Thus, proving how crazy she really is.

As Princess leads Eugene’s group towards the promised vehicles, even Ezekiel is questioning her sanity by this point — especially considering she has walked them into a landmine area, and now she has lost count of her steps.

Eventually, she works her way out the mess, and it is at this point that Eugene works out that they have been going in circles, and Princess has to explain herself.

It turns out that she’s so desperate for real people that she took them on the scenic route.

Plus, she is damaged, from before the zombie apocalypse. This makes even Yumiko feel sorry for her. Eugene, however, sees a kindred spirit.

At that, Princess finally leads them to the “wheels.” They’re bicycles, though.

However, it’s still better than walking and, considering that Yumiko has now softened to this new character, they invite her into their tribe.

Carol has a superpower and Negan becomes a punching bag

Carol (Melissa McBride) and Kelly (Angel Theory) are trying to start a car, and it’s awkward AF because Connie (Lauren Ridloff) is still missing, and it’s entirely Carol’s fault.

To give her credit, Carol is really upset about her actions.

Kelly is convinced Connie is still alive, though, and forgives Carol, telling her that she has a superpower.

Of course, her superpower is that she is the only one brave enough to do the horrible things she’s done in the past. Which probably sucks from Carol’s perspective.

Meanwhile, on the subject of forgiveness, as TV Line points out, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is looking for this from Lydia (Cassady McClincy) as well.

However, Lydia doesn’t want to cave, especially considering she hated her mother, and Negan admits to kinda liking her — even if he did kill her in the end.

Not getting anywhere, Negan suggests that Lydia punch him to make herself feel better. She resists at first, but Negan does that thing where he totally gets under your skin and irritates someone enough that they lash out.

This, of course, has the desired effect, and Lydia ends up sobbing in his arms, finally able to grieve for her mother.

Daryl teachers Judith how to be a proper Lil A*s Kicker

The group is holed up in a tower of a hospital with a cat after the fire at Hilltop. Judith (Cailey Fleming) is chatting with Lydia, telling her that she is sorry about her mom.

Talking of moms makes Judith sad, of which Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) notices.

Taking off, Judith finding Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in the woods. He wants to take her back to the others, but she refuses to go.

Instead, she wants to become a real Lil A*s Kicker, and Daryl finally relents, allowing her to follow him around.

While teaching Judith the ways of the forest, walkers approach. However, one of them is a Whisperer, and Daryl shoots her. Finding the injured Whisperer, she immediately starts spilling her guts about where her group is going.

She also lets Daryl know that Beta is going crazy on account of Alpha’s (Samantha Morton) death.

Daryl kills her in the end, and Judith is kinda horrified.

She’s also not impressed that the woman will be left dead in the woods. Judith is not impressed with Daryl for leaving the woman in a ditch.

Daryl wants to know why she’s so concerned, and Judith admits she just wants to be back together with her family and finally admits she talked to Michonne (Danai Gurira) after the fire.

Although, she totally omits the exciting bit about her dad still being alive. Instead, she says that Michonne went to help some people, and she didn’t want to tell Daryl because he might leave too.

He says that he’ll try not to but that she has a whole lot of family that will one day rely on her.

Daryl then gets a message from Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). The signal is breaking up, though. However, he hears enough to know that there’s trouble.

Beta takes his legion of fans for a walk

Meanwhile, Hilltop is overrun with Beta’s (Ryan Hurst) fanbase.

He and some other Whisperers are talking about what to do next. While they believe that Hilltop is empty, Aaron (Ross Marquand) is in the windmill with Alden (Callan McAuliffe).

They nearly get sighted, but Beta leads his horde of walkers towards Oceanside.

However, he gets eventually gets distracted by the cat that was at the tower with the others.

Aaron and Alden are following the herd.  So, they see when the herd slows down. They try to radio, but it’s not working. They are then surrounded by Whisperers.

Beta is then shown leading the horde to the hospital, and viewers are left hanging. Episode 16 of The Walking Dead is delayed due to AMC being unable to finish post-production on the episode due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Walking Dead Season 10 returns later in the year. As yet, AMC has not confirmed when the next episode will air.

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