The View’s Ana Navarro accused by Meghan McCain of trading on her famous last name

Ana Navarro on The View.
Ana Navarro is accused of trading on Meghan McCain’s famous last name. Pic credit: ABC.

Ana Navarro, popular co-host on The View, has entered a feud with Meghan McCain and hasn’t even mentioned her name.

On The View, Ana recently lambasted that many people in Washington D.C. use their famous last names to get farther in the political world.

Then Ana said, “People sitting at this table did it,” causing a frenzy with the other ladies, including Sunny Hostin, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Sara Haines.

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They were all worried she meant one of them, then the realization, although unspoken, was that Meghan McCain was the person who traded on a famous last name to gain influence in their professional life.

Meghan thought that Ana meant herself as well. Meghan started a string of social media posts threatening legal action against ABC for the libelous words.

Ana does not even acknowledge that she knows Meghan and offers a shady “Who” response when asked about Meghan by a fan.

Meghan accuses Ana of throwing around McCain’s last name

Meghan is still not dropping the subject of Ana Navarro and famous last names. She has mentioned Ana again in her latest podcast episode of Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat.

Although the ladies on The View, especially Ana, are not mentioning Meghan during this holiday season, Meghan seemingly cannot stop talking about them.

Meghan began the segment on her podcast by explaining that Ana worked on her late father, Senator John McCain’s political campaign. And Meghan clarified that she has “no memory of her ever working on my dad’s campaign,” despite Ana’s claims.

Meghan continued, “No one has trafficked on the McCain last name and legacy more than Ana Navarro. She throws around the fact that she worked for my dad… all day long.”

Meghan finished her tirade by clarifying her feelings about The View and said, “It feels very bullying and very abusive, and I don’t know how to get them to stop.”

Meanwhile, Ana is living her best life in Africa, still without mentioning Meghan

Ana is on vacation during the holiday break while The View is showing reruns.

Ana has shared photos of her trip to Africa on Instagram.

She pointed out her feelings about zoos in the caption of her photo, saying in part, “Since the first time I visited, I have never gone to a zoo.”

Going to Africa and seeing the animals in the wild has made Ana vocal against keeping animals in captivity.

Ana posted several photos of the animals she has seen in Africa, including zebras and rhinoceros.

The ladies on The View are all having a long break for the holidays. The next new episode is slated to air on January 2, 2024.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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