The Curse of Oak Island preview: The team uncovers a Roman artifact and a new shaft

Charles Barkhouse at the Money Pit
Charles Barkhouse thinks the team “could be looking at the Money Pit.” Pic credit: History

On this week’s The Curse of Oak Island, the team discovers a suspected Roman artifact and also encounters a brand new shaft in the Money Pit area.

Season 10 of Oak Island has been quite action-packed so far, as the guys investigated numerous areas and aspects of the island.

The recent acquisition of Lot 5 has opened up a new area of exploration and may already yield fascinating results.

In a preview for tonight’s episode, the guys appeared to be consulting with coin expert numismatist Sandy Campbell who made a startling revelation.

Sandy was most likely examining the half coin Gary uncovered on Lot 5 last week. And incredibly, he said, “I think this is probably Roman… definitely from 300 BC.” If true, that means it is 2,300 years old!!

The team let out audible gasps of astonishment at this news. And Gary ditched his usual refrain of “medieval, baby!” for “Roman, baby!” with an excitable fist pump as the guys all laughed.

Are ancient Romans and Vikings involved in the Oak Island mystery?

In the last few months, we’ve seen evidence mounting to show the French and the Portuguese were heavily involved in Oak Island. There’s also a theory that the Templar Knights landed on the island, and an artifact with potential Viking origins was recently uncovered.

The guys will have to throw the ancient Romans into the mix. It’s hard not to conclude that Oak Island must have been front and center of a global naval highway that spans centuries and thousands of years.

Possible Roman artifact on Oak Island
Is this an ancient Roman artifact on Oak Island? Pic credit: History

Oak Island drill team believes they’ve found another shaft at the Money Pit

Meanwhile, fortunes at the Money Pit have been mixed.

When the project at the garden shaft shut down due to government bureaucracy, the borehole drilling team became the main focus once again. They are continuously plugging away with the drilling, and so far this year, they’ve found a possible new tunnel system.

And tonight, it looks like they may have now uncovered a whole new shaft! We’ll have to wait for the episode to be sure, but we know they’ve found wood, and it’s significant enough for historian Charles Barkhouse to say, “we could be looking at the Money Pit.”

And the always sober-sounding Craig Tester determined that “It changes the whole story.”

Oak Island team searches for an ancient hidden dam

Also, this week, viewers can expect the guys to start digging for a potential dam on the edge of the swamp.

Last week, Tom Nolan convinced the guys to let him use a ground-penetrating radar scanner to investigate his father’s (Fred Nolan) theory that the swamp was artificially created to hide something and that the island had initially been two separate islands.

It appears that the LiDAR data may have returned and has shown a massive anomaly, which led to Rick Lagina announcing, “we need to dig.”

This is summed up in the History Channel episode synopsis, which reads:

“The Fellowship is stunned when evidence suggests that a dam lies buried at the end of the swamp, corroborating both Fred Nolan’s theory and Zena Halpern’s Templar map.”

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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