The Curse of Oak Island preview: Rick and Marty unveil ‘big secret’ as the purchase of Lot 5

Rick Lagina excited on Lot 5
Rick Lagina has some big news regarding Lot 5 on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, the team will open up a whole new area of exploration when the Lagina brothers announce that they’ve purchased Lot 5.

After last week’s frustration when digging at the Garden Shaft ground to a halt because of government bureaucracy, fans of Oak Island can expect some good news on tonight’s episode.

In a preview of the show, Rick Lagina announced it was time to “tell everybody the big secret,” which was the cue for Marty to announce they had purchased the elusive Lot 5.

Rick was also spotted gleefully removing a “no trespassing private property” sign, and Marty told the team that “there could be crucial data on that lot.”

Lot 5 resides on the northwest side of the island and previously belonged to treasure hunter Robert S. Young. Young sadly passed away a couple of years ago, and it would appear that his estate agreed to a sale last summer.

Young was a treasure hunter who acquired the property from his late partner Fred Nolan. There seems to have been a bit of bad blood between Young and the Lagina brothers, which Young eluded to on his website when he complained about being denied access to the causeway, which provides a road link to and from the mainland.

Oak Island Lot 5 purchase is expected to lead to more discoveries

This timely purchase of Lot 5 may tie into one of Gary Drayton’s recent discoveries. While on Lot 8, Gary and Jack Begley dug up a mysterious artifact with strange symbols that left the team’s archaeologists stumped. The guys were then shocked when Mayan expert Dr. Edwin Barnhart informed them that the object was potentially Viking in origin.

Well, in 1996, Robert Young actually claimed to have found a Viking coin on Lot 5. According to the History Channel, he also located numerous old coins and carved rocks. Hopefully, we will now see the Fellowship put their digging skills to good use, and maybe they can uncover more Norseman treasures.

The History Channel’s episode synopsis directly references the Lot 5 purchase, suggesting it may be the final piece of the 227-year-old mystery:

“The team’s high hopes of finding the fabled treasure are intensified when they procure what could be the final piece of the puzzle.”

Another action-packed episode this week on The Curse of Oak Island

Also, this week, fans can expect to see the team revisit the possible tunnel opening found at 145 feet below ground in the Money Pit area. The guys will send a sonar detector down to try to map the area down there, and Marty is still hopeful that they’ll find an offset chamber full of treasure.

Viewers will also be taken back to the swamp, where an anomaly has been recorded at the northern tip of the marshy area. Last week, an underwater survey was performed in the swamp, and they found something which the guys hope is the same shape as a treasure chest.

We can also expect Gary to relish the opportunity to do his metal detecting on a whole new area of the island. And a preview does show him in an unusually elevated state of excitement, even for him. Fingers crossed, he found something good!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Andy Turner
Andy Turner
1 year ago

In the limestone void (27′ X 12′) did anyone notice the Milk White Square Bottle with Round top, when they were surveying with visual camera. Keep looking to the left as the search comes to an end. Bottle in laying on it’s side square/rectangular potion toward bottom and round top portion toward the top of the screen.