The Curse of Oak Island preview: As the ‘big dig’ at the Money Pit continues there’s also new evidence for Templar Knights

Marty Lagina and Charles Barkhouse consult an expert
Marty Lagina and Charles Barkhouse consult an expert about an interesting artifact. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, there’s more evidence that the medieval Templar Knights buried treasure on the island, and there are also some unexpected finds at the “big dig” at the Money Pit.

The drilling is fully underway at the Money Pit, and the guys have been at it for a whole week now, so, hopefully, we can expect to see some positive results on tonight’s show. It appears as though the guys may have uncovered another tunnel as they now begin sifting through the spoils for valuable treasures.

However, for any viewers who thought the sole focus of exploration would be shifted to the Money Pit, then they were mistaken; there’s going to be lots of action happening all over the island.

The Templar Knights return to Oak Island

The History Channel episode descriptor alludes to this by reading: “The team is stunned when new scientific evidence supports the theory that the Knight’s Templar were involved in the Oak Island mystery, and the big dig uncovers some surprising relics.”

In an episode preview, Marty Lagina and Oak Island historian Charles Barkhouse were in what appeared to be some kind of laboratory, and an expert told them that an unknown object was “French lead.” As the Templars had significant ties to France, this may be how the guys make the connection to the medieval warriors.

The team has long theorized that a contingent of the Knights buried ancient Christian artifacts and relics on Oak Island. Initially taken from Jerusalem, it’s thought that the items might have been placed on the island for safe-keeping. And the evidence for this keeps on cropping up.

Oak Island team also recommences hunt for the stone roadway

Also, on tonight’s episode, Alex Lagina and David Fornetti are on the hunt for the stone roadway. Ever since the team said goodbye to the archaeologists last year, the guys had pretty much given up on any work on the mysterious cobbled stone roadway.

However, it appears that Alex and David have a fancy new bit of equipment that allows them to scan beneath the ground in search of the road. According to a preview, the pair will be trying to find out where the road leads out of the swamp, and apparently, Alex thinks they “found it.”

Alex and David hunt for the stone road
Alex Lagina and David Fornetti attempt to locate the stone road without digging. Pic credit: History

And at the Money Pit, one of Gary Drayton’s finds has Marty shouting out, “that’s beautiful!” Can’t wait to see what it is.

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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Jnone Snozrap
Jnone Snozrap
2 years ago

If, A-N-Y human, authorized gold & treasure to be buried, WITH a “flippin'” boogie trap, or even a bomb – so that the millions in gold treasure would be lost – that human should be hung & then shot‼️ How “stew-pid” do you have to be!! I think I’ll just take my ball and leave. Maybe a little “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” – blind fold some one, spin’em around (dizzy) & let’em go o o o . . . Woohoo !