The Curse of Oak Island preview: A 70 ft tunnel points to an offset chamber, and Gary finds ‘multiple artifacts’

Rick Lagina looks impressed in the War Room
Rick Lagina is impressed by some important information in the War Room. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, the team finds yet another mysterious tunnel in the area of the Garden Shaft, and Gary Drayton digs up multiple ancient artifacts.

The team has become very interested in the area around the Garden Shaft recently. So far this season, the guys have detected gold in the water by the shaft, and they also discovered a tunnel at 110 feet that appeared to be heading in the direction of the shaft.

And on tonight’s episode, the guys uncover another tunnel at 70 feet. The shallower depth makes Marty think they’ve found a tunnel that could link to his offset chamber.

Marty’s offset chamber theory revolves around his belief there’s a secret tunnel/chamber hidden away from the main Money Pit tunnel complex at a shallower depth that actually contains the hidden treasure.

There’s also further good news in the War Room tonight when Craig Tester informs the guys that the wood they found is from a pre-searcher era.

Gary Drayton is digging up ancient artifacts all over Oak Island

This week’s episode looks like a Gary-heavy show as the celebrity metal-detecting expert rakes in the artifacts. Gary is described as finding “multiple artifacts,” and tonight, he seems to be locating them all in a similar area. In one clip, Marty Lagina can be heard asking, “why are all these artifacts showing up?”

The team can always rely on Gary to keep the artifacts coming, but he does seem to be on a role in these first few weeks of the season.

Already, he’s unearthed an unknown piece containing both bronze and arsenic, a mix that indicates an object created before the 17th century. And he’s found a possible trading token that was dated at over 500 years.

A preview for this week’s show also sees Gary bringing up an artifact that looks suspiciously like the handle from a treasure chest.

The History Channel episode synopsis seems to confirm all of the above, reading:

“The team is astonished when Gary unearths multiple artifacts in close proximity to the old ship’s wharf and with the discovery of a shallower tunnel in the Money Pit, Marty’s theory of an off-set chamber may finally be proven.”

Gary thinks he’s found a coin on the east side of Oak Island

And in another clip, Gary and Peter Fornetti are spotted at Isaac’s Point on the far eastern edge of the island, where they find a possible coin from the 1700s.

Gary guesses that the coin may be French or British, but he’ll probably have to wait until the archaeology team can analyze it before a proper determination can be made.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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