The Curse of Oak island preview: The team may have located an offset chamber at the Money Pit

A happy Rick Lagina in the War Room
Rick Lagina is pretty happy with the progress the team has made on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, Marty Lagina and the guys reckon they might have found a secret offset chamber, which Marty believes may actually contain the hidden treasure.

Marty has been formulating a very interesting theory in the last few months. He believes that the so-called Money Pit treasure chamber may actually be a decoy and that there is a secret offset chamber that hides the true treasure.

He reached this conclusion after the team unearthed gold fragments buried in the Money Pit area but in an that was undocumented, and where they never expected to find anything.

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The team has at their disposal historical documents that give a rough idea as to the whereabouts of the Money Pit, but have so far failed to find the loot. One reason why they may be failing to find anything is that these documents may be false (Marty called them a decoy) and the Pit isn’t where they thought it was at all.

Marty Lagina is super excited about a discovery on Oak Island

Marty also points to Dr. Ian Spooner’s findings of gold and silver in underground water to bolster his theory; all signs point to a buried treasure, but perhaps the fact they haven’t located it yet, indicates that it’s in a secret chamber.

And now, in a preview for this week’s episode, we see an expert in the War Room inform the Fellowship that a tunnel is connected to a square-like structure observed under the Money Pit area. Marty seems very happy about the news, he shouts, “Oh, baby!”

This tunnel could be a reference to the one supposedly attached to shaft 6. Built in 1861, shaft 6 reportedly has a tunnel stretching a mere 18 feet into the Money Pit, and the guys have been doing their best to locate it in the last couple of weeks. Perhaps they find it this week! Or they could be referring to this offset chamber.

Also, in the preview, we see a lot of water gushing out of a borehole, and we hear someone say, “we’ve pierced something that hasn’t been pierced in a long time.” Rick asks, “the famous offset chamber?” to which geologist Terry Matheson responds, “exactly.” This all sounds very promising, the team clearly reckons they’ve found something big, hopefully a secret chamber. Fingers crossed, it contains the treasure.

Oak Island team continue searching for a ship in the swamp

In recent weeks the team has started digging up the swamp in the hope of finding an ancient ship buried below the murky surface. Billy Gerhardt has been attacking the marshland with a digger with a massive 80-foot reach, and so far, he keeps pulling up marine and nautical type wood.

The History Channel’s episode descriptor suggests that Billy will continue with this work for tonight’s episode and also indicates he’ll make some progress:

“The Fellow is zeroing in on when the Oak Island mystery began and evidence that the swamp is hiding the wreck of a massive sailing vessel is mounting.”

The team seems to be hedging their bets a bit at the moment. They are confident that they’ll find something at the Money Pit soonish, but rather than concentrate their efforts solely there, the Lagina’s think the swamp is also worth investing in. Let’s hope the tactic pays off.

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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1 year ago

Just find someone on oak island already. Definitely getting tired of the show as they’re just dragging it out now. Oooohhh, more wood.. Come on already

Hurry Up Already
Hurry Up Already
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeremy

I agree. My son has been watching for the last few seasons. He now falls asleep halfway through every episode. Can’t stand to see any more wood planks or ox shoes.

1 year ago

Ya also they show the SAME thing three times, then you see maybe three mins. So you only see about 18 mins. Out of 60 mins.. I,, m sick of it.

1 year ago

After “discovering” an error on the french map showing the location of “the hole under the hatch” Why when they go looking for this feature do they always go to the location marked on the map as “the Valve”? Alsp no mention of the square hole found when first looking for the “Hatch”