The Curse of Oak Island preview: Season 10 premiere to begin with a mysterious underground structure

A close up of Rick Lagina
Rick Lagina is excited to recommence the search for buried treasure on Oak Island. Pic credit: @CurseOfOak/Twitter

The Curse of Oak Island is back on the History Channel tonight with the premiere of Season 10, and Rick and Marty Lagina will be once again hoping that this is the year they solve the island’s mystery, uncover the treasure, and change the course of history.

The end of last season ended with a burst of optimism following disappointment at the Money Pit. The large-caisson drilling may have failed to unearth the treasure, but the guys now had some groundbreaking technology.

On the last episode of Season 9, the team began using something called Muon Technology, which would allow them to map under the surface of the entire island, revealing all voids, tunnels, holes, chambers, or treasure buried underground.

The Oak Island team has already received delivery of a number of large detectors which were drilled into the ground. These detectors, which have already proved successful on the pyramids of Giza, needed 7 to 8 months to collect all their data and provide the guys with a map.

That data should now be ready to go, and hopefully, we’ll see it tonight.

The History Channel episode synopsis for tonight reads, “And for the first time ever, the Fellowship gets a clear look at an underground structure, getting them closer than ever to solving the 227-year-old mystery.”

The Oak Island team examine a mysterious underground structure

And in a preview, the guys seem super excited as they appear to be trying to view an underground structure using a subterranean camera.

Rick can be heard in the preview, stating, “it would be the first time ever that we take a picture of a structure underground.”

Gary Drayton returns to Oak Island to uncover more bobby dazzlers

Of course, The Curse of Oak Island wouldn’t be the same without the resident metal-detecting ninja, Gary Drayton, and thankfully, he is back for another season, and he’s brimming with his usual enthusiasm.

Gary has already found a bobby dazzler, and he couldn’t wait for the new season to start before sharing the news.

After finding a fairly innocuous piece of metal, Gary took it down to the laboratory to have it analyzed. A lab expert told Gary and the team that the object contained bronze and arsenic, which really makes it stand out because humans stopped making that kind of metal in the 16th century.

The guys were so excited about this ancient find they have already posted a clip online.

The thing that makes Season 10 so exciting is that the guys’ access to technology is improving all the time. The team and the audience no longer have to wait months for some vague analysis; we can all get clear-cut results almost immediately.

On an island that generally throws up more questions than answers, all this new technology means we’re finally likely to get some answers this year.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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