The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 finale: Team can now map underground area of Money Pit

Members of the Oak Island team driving
The Oak Island team remains positive as Season 9 draws to a close. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 finale ended last night with a burst of hope for the future as the team unveiled a brand new technology that will allow them to map the entire underground surface area of the Money Pit.

The final episode of a season can sometimes feel a bit lackluster and somewhat anti-climatic; however, last night’s finale was action-packed.

As well as a general recap of the year, we had plenty of drilling at the Money Pit, expert analysis of an artifact, an investigation into a new section of the cobblestone road, and of course, Rick Lagina’s now traditional emotional goodbye speech.

However, the most exciting thing about last night’s finale was the introduction of a brand new technology that looks like it could take the guys directly to the treasure, with no need to rely on guessing the location anymore.

Last night’s episode began with drilling at the fifth and final caisson in the Money Pit, and just like the previous four, it seemed pretty promising at the start. The hammer grab pulled up some wood, including a timber that looked like a support beam for a tunnel. However, the excitement was short-lived when the drill began hitting bedrock, bringing this year’s ‘big dig’ to a crushing finish.

Muon Tomography allows the Oak Island team to map the Money Pit area

It was frustrating but frankly not really surprising; something went very wrong with the caisson drilling this season. Thankfully, Rick provided some light at the end of the tunnel by gathering everyone in the War Room to learn about Muon Tomography.

Representatives from Ideon Technology, based in Vancouver, BC, explained to the guys via video link that Muon Tomography would allow them to map the entire underground area of Money Pit.

Detectors placed in underground boreholes will collect data that show the location of any voids, tunnels, holes, chambers, or treasure under the surface. One of the Ideon guys best described it as like taking a “medical x-ray” of the island. The technology has already proved successful in other places, such as at the pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

It will take 7 to 8 months for the detectors to collect all the data and provide the guys with a digital map, but the good news is they have already started putting the detectors in place. By the end of the episode, five detectors were already in the ground at the Money Pit, meaning the team should have all the data when they begin filming the next season.

This is very exciting as it means the guys expect to have a definitive target by the start of next season, meaning they no longer need to guess about the location of secret chambers or tunnels.

Underground detector on Oak Island
An underground detector emits x-ray waves to detect tunnels and chambers on Oak Island in a computer-generated image. Pic credit: History

Oak Island team believes they are closer to solving the 200-year-old mystery

Those who may feel disheartened by the results from this year should bear in mind that the guys uncovered a whopping 1000 artifacts over the Season. And each one has told the team a bit more about this mysterious island.

At the end of the episode, Marty Lagina remained upbeat about the future and stated: “We didn’t win this year, but it’s not possible to lose anymore.”

The Curse of Oak Island is now on hiatus.

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2 years ago

They ignored the Hatch and Valve sites again

Duncan Harvey
Duncan Harvey
2 years ago

I am old Mason (78y) have been watching from the beginning and I sincerely believe there are two distinct periods of depositors that will eventually come to be understood as to have placed artifacts – treasure on Oak Island. I further believe Zena Halpern, her exquisite research and map will lead to some type of repository with treasure or religious treasure of incalculable value. Additionally but perhaps as important in some less understood ways we-the world will find out that France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and perhaps other European(s) will have directly or indirectly participated in the founding and financing of the American revolution. This development will then demonstrate in a way not understood today that in fact there is in existence today a following-on world organization of Christian Knights (to use that term) still watching and working on behalf of mankind. If true that this Oak Island Documentary is one of if not the most watched TV series thought the world? Then from the Vatican To Mecca and everywhere in between will come some very interesting proclamations, release of secrets held for over a thousand years and who knows what else is in the offing for the architect build superb.

1 year ago
Reply to  Duncan Harvey

So where did this Curse of Oak Island come from,
and who put the curse on the Island?