The Curse of Oak Island preview: A mining company will ‘open up’ Garden Shaft to help access treasure

Close up shot of Doug Crowell from Oak Island
Doug Crowell has found a mining company to help out the Oak Island team. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island is back this week with Episode 3 of Season 10, and the guys are going after the gold in the Garden Shaft. And they’re bringing in a mining crew to help get things moving.

After last week’s field trip to England to examine Oak Island’s connections with the medieval Templar knights, fans can expect this week’s episode to be a lot less theory focused and a lot more practical digging.

Since the start of this series, things have been moving at break-neck speed; the guys have already unearthed a previously unknown tunnel over 100 feet below ground and surmised that it might be heading toward the Garden Shaft.

And geologist Dr. Ian Spooner claims there’s gold in the water samples found beneath the area.

This Garden Shaft was initially discovered by the guys in 2017 and was quickly designated a searcher shaft. It was closed up, and a nice garden rock feature was built around it.

However, all the evidence is now leading them back to that Shaft, and it looks like they’re about to dig it up and see if the treasure is actually down there.

Evidence points to Oak Island treasure in the Money Pit

The History Channel episode synopsis indicates that the team wants to get underground, reading:

“Armed with more evidence that the Garden Shaft, where high levels of gold have been detected in the water, is connected to a possible series of tunnels in the Money Pit, the team begins the arduous work necessary to get a team member underground.”

In an episode preview, Doug Crowell informs the guys of a Canadian mining company that could “come in and open up the shaft.”

A professional mining company will hopefully be able to work quickly and safely to establish an underground structure that will allow the Lagina brothers and co. to properly examine what’s down there.

Gary Drayton pulls out a 500 year old artifact

Meanwhile, metal-detecting ninja Gary Drayton has been studiously working Lots 7 and 8 on the western side of the island, and he seems to be finding some great artifacts. He’s already come up with a suspected jewel and a piece of metal from before the 16th century.

A preview now shows Gary with Charles Barkhouse as they have an artifact analyzed by an expert. This expert tells the guys that the piece is at least 500 years old.

Fans can be sure Gary won’t give up until he finds every artifact and bit of treasure on this island.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Tom gee
Tom gee
1 year ago

What happened to the Irving group doing drilling , have they given up on those ho’les

1 year ago

how does gold from lets say a gold cross get in the water so they see gold in the water