The Curse of Oak Island: Craig Tester announces ‘we’ve found our Money Pit’

Rick Lagina in the War Room on Oak Island
Rick Lagina appears excited and incredulous to hear they’ve found wood from the original Money Pit. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, it seems as though the guys have hit wood dated to 1648 — which they think is the actual Money Pit.

The Oak Island team have been plugging away with the borehole drilling in the Money Pit area all season, but it’s only in the last couple of episodes where it seems like they’ve started to make any progress. And boy! Have they made progress!

Firstly, earlier this month, the team believe they unearthed the Tupper Shaft. This was earth-shattering news as all the historical data stated that the Money Pit is only ten feet away from this shaft. They just don’t know in what direction.

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Secondly, Oak Island historian, Doug Crowell, found an old map which appeared to show the Money Pit at ten feet to the west of the Tupper Shaft, which, of course, just happened to be the only place they hadn’t yet looked!

But, if this week’s episode’s previews are to be believed, then not only have they commenced drilling in the right spot, but they’ve actually hit wood from the original Money Pit.

The preview showed a determined Rick Lagina pointing at a map and exclaiming: “The Money Pit can only be here; that’s the only place it can be.”

Oak Island team have wood from the actual Money Pit

We next see a super-serious-looking Terry Matheson standing by a clump of old wood. The geologist states, intensely and matter-of-factly, that it’s the “top of the tunnel… not maybe.”

Is this wood from the Money Pit? Pic credit: History

We next see the team gathered in the War Room with numbers and data man Craig Tester calmly announcing, “This wood’s from 1648… seems like we’ve found our Money Pit.”

We then hear Marty Lagina yelping with joy, and we also see a somewhat incredulous but happy-looking Rick.

Could this be it? After seven and a half seasons, have the guys finally found the Money Pit? The History channel is being remarkably discreet about it all, but it does seem likely that the guys are on the cusp of a massive find. Both them and the viewers certainly deserve it.

Of course, if they have hit the top of the Money Pit, then it’s going to require a gargantuan effort to retrieve whatever treasure might still lie within it. We can’t wait for that!

Searching at the stone roadway in the swamp continues

In the meantime, the channel’s episode description reads:

With further excavation of the ever expanding roadway, the team uncovers more evidence of a possible maritime connection.

The guys and their expert archaeologists are continuing to dig up the peculiar stone roadway, which they suspect was used to transfer treasure from a makeshift wharf in the swamp to the Money Pit. As they dig, they’re constantly finding new and intriguing artifacts. And we can expect this episode to deliver some more.

We get another hint in the preview as to what they might have found when Marty states: “Something massive was occurring here well before the Money Pit.” We also hear him say: “That looks like an old Roman road.”

They can’t really think Romans made it to Oak Island?? Although, nothing would surprise us anymore with this show.

After a slow start to the season, the pace of these latest episodes is reaching breakneck speed, and it looks like this one might be another cracker.

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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Al Barrs
Al Barrs
2 years ago

I have followed this Oak Island treasure story since it was first published in the Reader’s Digest, and hope they can finally come p with whatever whoever spent so much time and effort to hide from the world is finally solved… Good luck to all who have ever been involved in this real treasure venture… Wish I could have been there…

Kay Jay
Kay Jay
2 years ago

Holy Shmoly as Gary would say, The Island must resemble a block of Swiss cheese!

Bill Sullivan
Bill Sullivan
2 years ago

Wood dated to about 1648 might just indicate old wood. If I were to speculate, it may have come from the ship burned in the swamp. My guess is the French expedition. Use the worst ship for wood to build the tunnels and money pit, and burn the remains when they were done to hide the location. They had the manpower and engineering knowledge.

David Watson
David Watson
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill Sullivan

Seems logical

eClara Platt
eClara Platt
2 years ago

I first read about the money pit in a childs puzzle/story book that I received for Christmas. Several years later there was the Riders Digest artical. Then about every 4or five years there was a newspaper artical when someones lease expired and someone else took over. Have been a steady watcher since. PS I was able to come out to Oak Island before all the current activity happened. Somone at the museum said we could drive just to stay from the digs. I picked up a piece of driftwood and a stone or two off the beach.