The Curse of Oak Island: An ancient map and a mysterious road point the guys to the hidden treasure

The team on Oak Island
The Oak Island team debates where to dig next for the Money Pit. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, there was a brand new location for the Money Pit, which shows they’re super close. And there’s compelling evidence that the stone roadway is leading them directly to the treasure.

This was an action-packed episode with loads of interesting discoveries. Narrator Robert Clotworthy said it best when he called it a “productive and surprising week.”

Oak Island historian Doug Crowell dropped a real bombshell towards the end of the episode. He suspects that while they are really close to the Money Pit, they’ve probably been looking in the wrong place.

This revelation came shortly after the borehole drilling unveiled a large piece of timber, which led the guys to believe they had finally defined the dimensions of the Tupper Shaft. This shaft is a 19th-century excavation that the team knows is just ten feet from the Money Pit.

However, the guys have mostly been drilling to the east of this shaft, and Doug now says they should have been digging ten feet to the west.

Marty Lagina asks if this why the borehole drilling hasn’t been able to find anything. Perhaps, says Doug. Steve Guptill points out that they’ve dug 400 holes with, as yet, no sign of the Money Pit.

Why does Doug say ‘west’? Doug has been searching through Dan Blankenship‘s old files ever since he found himself alone on the island at the start of the pandemic last spring.

But he’s only recently uncovered an old document from the 1890s that reveals the Money Pit to the west of the Tupper Shaft.

Oak Island team chooses to go west

Map from 1890s shows the location of Money Pit
This map from the 1890s shows the location of the Money Pit to the west of the Tupper Shaft. Pic credit: History

So Rick Lagina asks the guys, as time is short, do they continue digging to the east as they’ve been doing all along, or do they take a shot at the western side? The unanimous decision was to take the risk and dig west.

The decision was helped when Doug pointed out that the new location is near the old C1 borehole they dug a few years ago. It was here that they located a huge unexplained cavity.

And it was in that shaft that they found some gold-like objects buried in the wall. Unfortunately, they were unable to retrieve them.

This all sounds massively promising, we have the Tupper Shaft, which we know is only 10 feet away and we have a map with a Money Pit location not explored before. And we have the proximity of the C1 shaft. Fingers crossed they’ll have the treasure by the end of the season.

Stone roadway points the way to the Money Pit

Also, this week, the team took last week’s find of a ringbolt to blacksmith Carmen Legge for analysis. Intriguingly, he confidently stated it was for mooring small ships and it was designed for a wooden wharf.

A few weeks ago, when Alex Lagina and Dr. Ian Spooner took a boat out just offshore of the swamp, they found evidence of a possible old wharf. The guys now believe a wooden wharf was attached to the mysterious stone roadway in the swamp and that it might have been used to unload treasure.

Stone roadway in the swamp
Will this stone roadway simply lead the guys all the way to the Money Pit? Pic credit: History

Furthermore, geologist Aaron Taylor and his team are gradually uncovering the stone roadway, and they’ve found compelling evidence it’s leading them towards the Money Pit. All of which begs the question, why dig for the Money Pit when you can just follow the stone roadway to the loot?

Or, as Gary Drayton called it, the “highway to treasure.”

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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