Tales of The Walking Dead could already have a massive cast line-up

A walker that appeared in Episode 22 of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 10
A walker that appeared in Episode 22 of The Walking Dead Season 10. Pic credit: AMC/Josh Stringer

With so many spinoffs from AMC’s original series, The Walking Dead, it’s easy to get confused as to what is currently airing and what is in the line-up.

Tales of The Walking Dead is one such show set within The Walking Dead universe that is currently in development.

Very little is known about this series other than the fact that it will be an anthology series that will delve a little further into stories and characters that the writers feel might have more to tell. The Walking Dead’s executive producer, Gale Anne Hurd, also recently hinted at a potentially huge line-up for the show already.

Tales of the Walking Dead is currently in development

As yet, there is no release date for Tales of the Walking Dead. However, some details have been released regarding the upcoming anthology series.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Season 1 of Tales of The Walking Dead could be a short-run season, clocking only eight episodes to start with, according to Robert Kirkman, who started the original Walking Dead comics.

The potential of the network exploring the zombie apocalypse from different parts of the world has also been suggested by Kirkman.

The new series will focus on telling those stories that were hinted at in the franchise but hadn’t been explored further due to time constraints or storyline developments. In addition to that, stories that are considered incomplete could also be explored in Tales of The Walking Dead.

Michael Cudlitz stared as Abraham in AMC's The Walking Dead
Michael Cudlitz starred as Abraham in The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

The plane crash sequence that occurred at the beginning of The Walking Dead: World Beyond would be a great example of a story that has not yet been told. By comparison, expanding on Abraham’s (Michal Cudlitz) story and his possible involvement with Daniel (Ruben Blades) from Fear the Walking Dead would be an example of expanding on a story with an already known outcome.

Because of this, Gale Anne Hurd recently discussed the prospect of having long-gone characters from The Walking Dead returning in Tales of The Walking Dead.

Many actors are happy to return to the franchise in Tales of The Walking Dead

In an interview that Hurd did recently with Variety, she explained that many of the actors previously involved with The Walking Dead were more than willing to return for the spinoff series.

“There are so many factors that go into storytelling and casting, but luckily almost everyone who’s ever been on the show wants to come back and have their story be told on Tales of the Walking Dead,” she revealed, indicating that there may already be a huge potential for a massive line-up signed for the new series.

Of course, while many of the show’s actors might be ready and willing to sign up for Tales of The Walking Dead, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will definitely end up in the finished product. This means that viewers will likely have to wait for an official announcement from AMC for confirmation of which characters will get their stories expanded in the upcoming series.

As yet, a premiere date has not been released for AMC’s Tales of The Walking Dead.

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