Swamp Thing Season 1, Episode 2 recap: Worlds Apart

Swamp Thing season 1, episode 2 recap
Swamp Thing comes to life in Episode 2. Pic credit: DC Universe

It was a little hard to get excited about recapping the second episode of Swamp Thing this week since it premiered the day after the news broke that DC Universe and parent company WarnerMedia canceled the series after just one episode.

However, after watching the second Swamp Thing episode, Worlds Apart, it is clear that this is one of the best comic book TV shows airing right now and canceling it was a massive mistake.

Here is the recap of the second episode of Swamp Thing on DC Universe streaming.

Last week on Swamp Thing

Last week on Swamp Thing, Alec Holland (Andy Bean) and Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) were investigating a plague that started spreading through the town of Marais, Louisiana — likely caused by an accelerant someone was dumping into the swamp.

This accelerant was ordered by the town’s millionaire Avery Sunderland (Will Patton) and by the end of the episode, Holland was getting as much of the accelerant out as he could when someone tried to kill him.

Instead, Swamp Thing was born.

Investigating Alec’s death

The episode starts off with the local police investigating Alec’s death and most believe it was an accident — or at least they are treating it as such since Avery Sunderland rules the town of Marais.

There is one other thing that happened this week — it turns out the sheriff, Lucilia (Jennifer Beals) is the mother of Abby’s friend, the police officer Matt (Henderson Wade) — and she really doesn’t like Abby.

Anyway, nothing gets done and no one believes Abby when she tells them she saw a giant creature, so she heads back to her friend Liz’s (Maria Stein) house and tries to figure out what to do next.

Abby approached Sunderland

Abby knows that she needs to get into Alec’s laboratory because there is something there that can help her solve the problem of the plague. The police have basically made that impossible so she decides to go talk to Avery Sunderland and ask if he can get her in.

Sunderland is just a huge jerk. He invites her in, tells her he should have stood up to his wife Maria (Virginia Madsen) when she blamed Abby for their daughter’s death, and then says he lost both daughters (Abby was “like a member of their family”).

However, when Abby asks to get into the lab to find something to help find a cure, he tells her no because he spent too much money on that research and won’t let it escape him.

She said she could get a court order because they need it to save lives, but Avery doesn’t care and lets her know it would disappear before the court order comes — but he loves her anyway.

As I said — jerk.

Madame Xanadu

Meanwhile, Maria is really messed up and the return of Abby (among other things) has caused her memories of her daughter Shawna to return.

Maria still blames Abby for Shawna’s death and she heads out to see the blind psychic Xanadu (Jeryl Prescott) for help.

Xanadu tells her to just let it go, but Maria can’t.

As a result, Xanadu has Maria sit down in front of the tarot cards and then places her hands over each side of her head and chants a spell.

When she finishes she raises her head and the figure of a decomposed Shawna is there and reaches for them.

Xanadu falls to the floor and scrambles away screaming. Maria tries to rush over to help but a psychic force blasts her and throws her into a wall.

Xanadu finally composes herself and tells Maria something has unbalanced the scales of good and evil and there is something evil arriving from the swamp. She begs Maria to let her daughter rest in peace.

Maria can’t do that and at the end of the episode, Avery finds his wife sleeping in their late daughter’s bed again. What he doesn’t see is that Maria is lying next to and cuddling the decomposed form of her daughter, who is either a vivid hallucination or a demon from the dead.

The Blue Devil

Abby and Liz decide if they can’t get into Alec’s lab, maybe there is something in the room he was renting out.

They head to where he was staying and ask Daniel Cassidy (Ian Ziering), the man who rented him a room if they could get in to see if anything was there.

Cassidy, a formerly famous actor who played a character called the Blue Devil in the movies, said the police already came and took everything.

However, Alec was using Daniel’s laptop for his video journal and Abby asks to look at it. She sees that Alec was working on finding a cure and he mentioned meeting her and that he was starting to like her.

This was interrupted when she got a phone call from Harlan (Leonardo Nam) telling her that Susie Coyle, the little girl who was the first to fall to the illness from the plague, had escaped confinement and was missing.

Jason Woodrue

Back at the Sunderland estate, a couple shows up for a meeting — a husband and wife doctor team of Jason Woodrue (Kevin Durand) and Caroline Woodrue (Selna Anduze).

From the start, Jason Woodrue is insufferable, an arrogant and egotistical jerk who only cares about himself and his work.

However, when he is face-to-face with Avery Sunderland, he learns how meaningless he really is.

Sunderland tells Woodrue that his accelerant has caused a plague and that if he doesn’t fix it, he intends to make sure that both Woodrue and his wife go down with him for causing this plague.

Jason Woodrue is Floronic Man in DC Comics.

The Swamp Thing

The entire episode, Swamp Thing was trying to find his bearings and for some reason, little Susie had a mental link to him.

When she escaped from the hospital, she headed straight to the swamp. She then hid out on a police boat when they headed out on a sweep of the swamps.

Unfortunately, the police officer found two of Sunderland’s employees getting one of the accelerant boxes. When he asks what it is, one of the guys stabs him in the face with a fishing hook and tells the other to get the rest of the boxes while he eliminates the officer.

As he is about to dump the body, Susie races out of her hiding place, dives into the swamp, swims to shore, and runs. The killer sees her and gives chase.

Abby and Matt are heading out together (against the sheriff’s better wishes) to try to find Susie.

They find the boat and Abby tries to save the officer’s life while Matt heads out when he sees another boat in the distance (the partner of the killer). When Matt is gone, Abby hears Susie scream and runs in that direction.

Susie finds a place to hide but the killer finds her. However, before he can get to her, Swamp Thing shows up and attacks him.

The two fight and when the guy stabs Swamp Thing, it immediately heals up. The guy asks what he is and then Swamp Thing uses his powers to make branches and vines lash out and impale the man.

They pull him out over the swamp and then, in a gloriously disgusting moment, rip him to pieces.

Abby finally finds where Susie went to hide and she sees the little girl sitting there. She calls out for Susie to come to her and then Swamp Thing stands up and looks at Abby.

Abby convinces Susie to come to her and then runs with her as Swamp Thing watches them.

The episode ends with Abby holding Susie as Matt drives them back to shore. Susie admits that the Swamp Thing spoke to her. When Abby asks what he said, Susie said he is confused and doesn’t know what is happening to him.

Abby asks if it said anything else and Susie said it said its name was Alec.

Swamp Thing airs a new episode every Friday on DC Universe.

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